HyperX Cloud Revolver Headset Review

Posted by Heath Coop on Wednesday, June 22, 2016 - 8:00am

HyperX Cloud Revolver


For many gamers, such as myself, there is a few requirements we demand from a headest. It has to be durable, look good, and certainly sound good. Most headsets are able to check off one or perhaps two of these requirements; but it is surprising how few check off all three. I personally review HyperX’s original Cloud Headset and was pleasantly surprised. It check off all three requirements and at a very affordable price as well. Still, some gamers were wanting more. Enter the HyperX Cloud Revolver.

The Cloud Revolver departs quite a bit from the previous Cloud and Cloud II headsets. The cosmetic design is new and far more bold. It is still not as aggressive as we have seen from some of the other manufacturers and for some that is a good thing. The red and black color scheme of the original cloud is still here. The headset is far more sculptured and modern looking. The headband is also of a different design and features a steel frame that extend above the headpad.

The Cloud Revolver is built with 50mm drivers with neodymium magnets that are rated with a 18 - 28,000 Hz frequency response. Sound pressure level is rated at an impressive 104.5 db at 1 Khz. The earcups feature red memory foam that promises to be super comfortable. A wide frequency response noise cancelling detachable microphone round out the feature list. On paper, the HyperX Cloud certainly looks like it fits the bill of many an audiophile and gamer alike.

HyperX’s take on the Cloud Revolver

Studio-grade sound stage for a competitive edge.

HyperX Cloud Revolver™ has a wider audio range that creates depth and width for improved audio precision. Get the competitive edge by hearing your opponents’ location more accurately, even when they’re further away. Re-engineered audio profiles create a larger sound stage that’s ideal for FPS and open environment gameplay and for a concert hall-like experience when listening to music.

It features signature HyperX™ memory foam and premium leatherette for comfort that will let you game for hours on end. Its high-quality dense memory foam is red, to differentiate it from competitors and signify award winning HyperX comfort.

Designed in Germany, HyperX Cloud Revolver boasts a durable steel frame for long-lasting durability and stability. Its detachable noise-cancellation microphone offers clearer voice quality and reduced background noise for better in-game chats, and it’s certified by TeamSpeak™ and compatible with Discord, Skype™, Ventrilo, Mumble and RaidCall.

Next-generation 50mm drivers direct sound into the ear for precise audio positioning and a clean, crisp sound with enhanced bass. HyperX Cloud Revolver is compatible with PCs, Xbox One™ , PS4™, Wii U™, Mac® and Mobile so it’s the only headset you need for both PC and console gaming.



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