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Posted by Charles Gantt on Friday, June 26, 2015 - 8:00am

Final Thoughts and Conclusion


The LEPA BTS02 is an amazing little bluetooth speaker that packs one heck of a punch. Since my unboxing a few weeks ago, I have used this speaker almost daily in my life. I have used it so much that it is one of the few extra items in my everyday carry backpack. I have used the backup battery function once outside of testing, and it performed well, but I have a 10,000mAh battery in my backpack that is used most of the time. 

The audio quality is far above and beyond what I would expect from a bluetooth speaker of this size, and I have got several inquiries about the speaker from people who have been around while using it. I can honestly say that I would recommend this speaker to anyone who ask, and I am even planning on adding a few of them to my Christmas shopping list this year for family members. 

At $79.99 on Amazon, I think the BTS02 from LEPA is a perfect match between price and performance. You will spend much more on a big brand name bluetooth speaker and get half the features and half the sound. 


  • Smaller than a typical water bottle
  • Backup Battery Capabilities
  • Sleek look with silicone jacket
  • Amazing sound quality
  • NFC connectivity


  • Not fully waterproof
  • Backup battery could be bigger


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