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Posted by Michael Pabia on Monday, March 2, 2015 - 8:00am


Using the Groovy Duo Live wireless speakers is very easy. Just watch the clip below:

User Experience

LUXA2 Groovy Duo Live

I used the Groovy Duo Live wireless speakers in playing audio via my smartphone via Bluetooth for this review. I used it indoors and outdoors as well. I also gave it a 72-hour burn-in testing to optimize the drivers to its best condition.

LUXA2 Groovy Audio Center App

I reviewed the GroovyR 360° wireless speaker before wherein I introduced LUXA2's Groovy Audio Center App which you can use with LUXA2's wireless speakers. You can review how the app works here.

To connect the Groovy Duo Live, simply turn on your smartphone's Bluetooth connection and pair it with the speakers. Look for 'Groovy Duo' under the list of scanned devices and connect just like any other wireless device that uses Bluetooth.

LUXA2 Groovy Duo LiveLUXA2 Groovy Duo Live


LUXA2 Groovy Duo Live

Thanks to the included pouch bag, packing the Groovy Duo Live wireless speakers is a breeze. It is very easy to tuck it inside a backpack and tag it along with you for some outdoor adventure which I did.


Bluetooth connectivity of the speakers is quite impressive. The speakers has a maximum of 15 feet of good connectivity from the source in an open space. The speakers themselves has the same connectivity strength from each other so that means you could be 30 feet away from the farthest speaker and it would still function properly and this I tested at home. However, note that obstacles like walls and electronic devices could disrupt the connection. In terms of connecting the speakers to a smartphone, the connection is excellent. However, in connecting the speakers to a laptop wirelessly, there's a significant delay. It is a small setback I believe but this is where the cables would come in handy.

Charging and Play Time

Charging the Groovy Duo Live takes around 3 hours using an android smartphone charger. The specs say you can power the speakers for up to 8 to 10 hours but that depends on the volume you play music with. At maximum volume, I only had around 4 to 6 hours of play time but that's really maximizing the power draw of the speakers so I guess that is justifiable.

Sound Quality

The Groovy Duo Live wireless speakers has a true 2.0 stereo output meaning there are two active channels, the left and the right. I did test this and found it to be true such as listening to songs like Meant to Live by Switchfoot.

Thanks to the speaker's heavy construction, the Groovy Duo Live can really handle high volumes very well. The bass packs a clean punch which I really like and the highs are also clear and good. Indoors is where the speakers really shine being that it is small and compact. It surely shines in small spaces. Outdoors, the Groovy Duo Live is also quite enjoyable and it good for some light party music at the beach which I did.

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