LUXA2 GroovyT Magic Boom Box Review

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Posted by Michael Pabia on Tuesday, May 6, 2014 - 3:06pm




Every modern person nowadays have got to have a smart phone. Be it student or professional, having one is very convenient. We see smartphones rapidly evolving and they get better each year such as having a faster processor, larger screen sizes, better cameras and so on. However, playing audio using your smartphone seem to be limited to using headphones until today. This is where speakers like the GroovyT Magic Boom Box from LUXA2 comes in.

Wireless speakers are common nowadays and they are being partnered to smartphones and tablets. Most of these wireless speakers use Bluetooth technology to connect a device source to the speaker, but not the GroovyT. The GroovyT comes in two variants, an all black one and a red one. We will be reviewing the black model today. Find out how the GroovyT works as you read on to this review.

LUXA2's take on the GroovyT

Enjoy a new simpler way to play your music with the GroovyT. Place your smartphone device onto the speaker and the built-in inductive technology does the rest. Enjoy a fuller musical experience with the GroovyT Magic Boom Box.

Place and Play

Designed for ultimate simplicity, allow the GroovyT Magic Boom Box amaze you with its magical audio prowess. With no cables, no Wi-Fi, no Bluetooth, nor infrared connections, it is as if by magic the GroovyT Magic Boom Box possesses supernatural powers that can amaze and leave you in audio awe!

Nothing Required

GroovyT Magic Boom Box requires no cables, Bluetooth, infrared or Wi-Fi connection to use; making it hassle free and extremely user friendly. Mere childs play.

Ultimate Simplicity

Designed for ultimately simplicity. Simply place your smartphone in alignment with the device and speaker sensor and if by magic, booming quality sound is played.

High Quality Sound

Unique angular sound vibration technology directs the audio from your device and enhances it via the GroovyT Magic Boom Box system to provide enhanced audio output.

Playing Time – 5.5 hours

Powered by an 800mA lithium polymer battery, the GroovyT Magic Boom Box offers 5 hours of quality audio play time for your smartphone device. To fully charge, only 3 hours is required.

Increase your Gaming Experience

Liven up your musical gaming experience with the GroovyT by revving up the speed demon inside you to leave your rivals eating your dust or pit yourself up against a battling goliath to win against the odds and stamp your name into legends history.

Let's check out the specifications and take a closer look on the next page.


Product Name

GroovyT Magic Boom Box










AD-SPK-PCGTBK-00 (Black)



Wireless range



800mAh / 3.7V Li-Polymer


5V0.5A mini USB

Audio output


Frequency response




Playing time

Up to 5.5 hours of regular playing time

Charging time

3 hours (0-100%)

LED indicator

Front: Turn onBlue
Back: Charging<span style="font-family:" gothic";mso-bidi-font-family:="gothic" ;mso-bidi-font-family:"="" "="" "ms="" ms"="">➜Red


Mask : Plastic
Cabinet : Plastic


Driver size:Φ1.5”



Packaging and Closer Look


The GroovyT Magic Boom Box come in a simple packaging you can see in the images above.


There's a small diagram on how to use the GroovyT on the side of the box.


Here are the contents of the packaging which includes the GroovyT Magic Boom Box, mini USB cable for charging the GroovyT and a 3.5mm auxiliary cable to connect the GroovyT directly to your smartphone.




Here's the GroovyT Magic Boom Box which is about the length of an average smartphone. It is certainly small enough to fit in a duffle bag and bring it anywhere.


At the back of the GroovyT, you can see the power switch, socket for the mini USB power cable and the 3.5mm auxiliary cable socket.


Here's a look at the top of the GroovyT. There's a small LUXA2 branding in the right and a white line in the left. That white line is where you would align your smartphone's speaker to capture audio and play it through the GroovyT. Unlike wireless Bluetooth speakers wherein you can connect your smartphone remotely and play audio to it, the GroovyT will require you to place your smartphone on top of it and leave it there while playing audio.


Here's a look at the bottom of the GroovyT. Four small rubber feet at on the corners of the speaker to hinder vibration while playing audio.


Here's a look at the back when the 3.5mm auxiliary cable and mini USB cable are plugged into the sockets.


When the GroovyT is powered on, a blue LED light in front will show to indicate power.


I made a short video that will show how the GroovyT works and sounds.

Using the GroovyT is simple and straightforward as demonstrated in the video. Although it is small, it packs enough power and volume. In my testing, it is actually too loud and too close to my Samson C01U condenser microphone that made the recorded audio somewhat unclear with the highs a little distorted. At a distance, the GroovyT does perform well. I used it outdoor in an open space to see if it would still sound good and it did.


We will evaluate the quality of the GroovyT's output using the same methods we used in testing headphone quality in some of the recent reviews. First off, there's a difference in quality when you simply place your smartphone on top of the speaker and when you use the 3.5mm auxiliary cable and connect your smartphone directly. Using 3.5mm auxiliary cable will produce better quality audio with better highs and lows but the maximum volume you can play is lower compared to using it wirelessly. Using the GroovyT wirelessly can achieve louder volume but you really need to find the sweet spot wherein the white line on top of the GroovyT is perfectly aligned to your smartphone's speakers. However, in this method I find the audio having less quality particularly the lows. It vibrates the entire plastic casing of the GroovyT which is very lightweight and distorts the sound. Using full volume isn't as good as using 50%-70% volume.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion



Overall, we find the GroovyT very handy in playing audio anywhere. It is lightweight and small enough to fit a duffle bag or shoulder bag. Using it is very easy and it doesn't require much to operate. It is for outdoors or in places where your standard home entertainment system cannot reach. In terms of audio quality, it prefers mellow audio or music without much loud bass. The GroovyT is perfect for relaxing music, not for party music obviously. Hence, we believe that is the main objective of the product anyway. GroovyT will empower your smartphone and tablet with better audio ideal for listening music, playing games in your device or watching a movie. You can find LUXA2's GroovyT Magic Boom Box in Amazon around $14.99. It might not be as soon as 2.1 multimedia stereo speakers but at this price, it is surely a good and cheap step up to ramp up the audio of your smartphone or tablet without a power source. With all that, we will give the GroovyT our recommendation and our best value award.



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