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Posted by Mark Taliaferro on Tuesday, December 19, 2017 - 8:00am

Testing & Performance

Films & TV

We went to an old favorite for our first movie Saving Private Ryan with Tom Hanks and the explosions and action genre movies played like champions on the Sound BlasterX Kratos S5 2.1 Gaming Speaker System because of their similarity to video games. If you are a dyed in the wool 2.0 sound aficionado we found you could turn down the subwoofer and get good stereo sound from most other movies but movies and TV aren’t where the Kratos S5 2.1 gaming speakers shine. There may be better choices for primarily watching movies but at the $129 price tag, the Sound BlasterX Kratos S5 2.1 Gaming Speaker System did an admirable job with movies and TV even though it was out of its native element. Explosions blasted the room reverberating in our chests and the deep rich tones were deep and so obviously driven by wooden speaker housings that it was nostalgic and well worth the money. Non-action films sent us scrambling to tone down the base but once it was turned down to reasonable levels the 2.1 set performed like a good set of stereo speakers and much better than any built in speaks on a modern TV we’ve heard.


Music we went from Rap to Country and back to our favorite Soft Rock and Rock from the 70’s from an ordinary Android phone, an inexpensive MP3 player off the shelf at a retailer and a fairly run of the mill Pioneer Surround Sound A/V Receiver (VSX-532, sub $200). We played every genre but classic that we could get our hands on and every note was clear, bass was rich, Mid Range was clear and highs were punctuated and easily distinguished. It didn’t seem to matter the input method the Sound BlasterX Kratos S5 2.1 Gaming Speaker System gave clean clear easy to listen to and easy to adjust the sound. We did notice on the Pioneer receiver that at the very top end of the speakers sound capabilities they got a little tinny but if you run speakers stupid high exceeding their specifications that happens. When we dialed back to just inside the speakers advertised specifications they vibrated the windows at a few points and set foots tapping around the lab. At more reasonable levels the Sound BlasterX Kratos S5 2.1 Gaming Speaker System was entirely enjoyable but we have to admit that for music we prefer 2.0 or 2.1 with well balanced bass and the Kratos delivered that and filled a large computer test area with heavily resonant sound. A package came in during testing and the delivery man was amazed at the size and cost of the setup and made a note to remember what model to buy but by that time we were already sold on the versatility of the Kratos S5.

Sound BlasterX Kratos S5


Now gaming was where the Sound BlasterX Kratos S5 2.1 Gaming Speaker System shined the best. Even the retro Diablo 2 LOD jarred our senses and made hearts pump which is the sign of a good speaker system for gaming. We loved the explosions and clarity of the brush moving before we tuned into our enemies footsteps in Witcher 3. Battlefield 4 which we normally use headsets for was a whole new experience and the Kratos S5 added immersion and that shock factor when the subwoofer blasts you with that shocking column of air. Once again our compliments to Sound Blaster on the wooden speaker cases, well built well proportioned and dampened the reverberations perfectly. We would like to see more wooden chassis speaker systems in the near future specifically built for gaming and music.

What amazed us the most was how we had become accustomed to headsets, and we have headsets we love, but the Sound BlasterX Kratos S5 2.1 Gaming Speaker System brought that rich wooden feel back to games and music and we just don’t feel plastic can give as rich an experience. The headsets we use are gaming headsets and some have virtual 7.1 but at this point, if we had a sound isolated lab room we’d forgo those for the Kratos S5 no problem.

We love the Sound Blaster Kratos S5 for its rich wooden sound, clear mid tones and punctuated highs. The flexibility of connections is unmatched in this price range and provide multi-functionality for one price. The Kratos gave us more heart pumping gaming action that we’ve seen in years. Leave it to Sound BlasterX to roar in with a set of speakers to make you love that heart pumping gaming sensation again!

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