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Posted by James Keir on Friday, November 30, 2018 - 8:00am


I tested the Element Blaze with a variety of music to get an overall feel for its sounds and even got it a little wet to test the claimed water resistance. Once the unit was powered on, I had no issues pairing it and was quite impressed with the distance the speaker could be away from my phone. My first impression of the Blaze’s sound quality that it was quite good for such a small unit. You have no trouble cranking the volume and the higher you go, the more of the bass you start to hear and feel. I did find that if you get close to the upper range of the unit, the sound does get slightly distorted. Anything around 80% or lower doesn’t have this issue. The lights on it are a nice touch and they have 3 lighting effects: solid blue, fading, or rapid blinking. I didn’t care for the blink preset too much but the other 2 would be great for if you were listening to music outside at night. While working on and writing this review, I used the unit for countless hours and had no issues with its battery life and it is going strong after 8+ hours of constant play.

Tronsmart Element Blaze

During my photoshoot, I took advantage of the rain outside to test the Element Blaze’s water resistance. I paired it to my phone and placed it outside in the rain while I was staying dry under my car shelter. The speaker held up great even though becoming quite soaked. During the 10 minutes of playing, it didn’t skip a beat and the sound quality didn’t diminish. This is probably one of my favorite features as I’m always worried about bringing my tech outside when it’s raining.

Tronsmart Element Blaze

The only feature I couldn’t test was to be able to attach 2 blaze speakers seeing as only 1 unit was received for review.


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