Xqisit LZ380 Bluetooth Headset Review

Posted by William Lyon on Monday, April 20, 2015 - 8:00am


I'm not sure about you but I personally have never heard of the company Xqisit. According to their website the German company make lots of different smartphone-related gadgets raging from phone cases to battery packs to Bluetooth audio devices. They asked us if we'd like to review one of their Bluetooth headsets so we said sure why not. They kindly sent us out a sample of their LZ380 Bluetooth headset to check out so let's get to it!

About Xqisit:

"What we do and why we do it"

In today’s world, the word 'mobile' isn’t only a noun, it’s an adjective, an attitude, a way of life. As such, we here at XQISIT create mobile accessories that are not just meant to protect, simplify or visually improve your device of choice. We create accessories that enrich your life-on-the-go. The kind of quality products whose design is streamlined with functionality in mind, quickly becoming reliable life companions that also happen to be easy on the eye. Products that we can proudly say are “simply good”. And we are determined to see that with each one we can make your mobile experience, and your life for that matter, all the more enjoyable. One good product for every kind of person. One good product at a time."

Let's check out the features and specifications for the LZ380 headset now.



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