Aerocool StrikeX GT Black Gaming Tower

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Aerocool Strike X GT BlackThe first item we will be taking a long hard look at today will be the StrikeX GT Black gaming case. The GT stand for gaming tower as you can imagine but how does it stand up to the other gaming towers on the market? Well, we have reviewed several other companies’ towers and we will find out. Looking at StrikeX GT, you can see just where the “X” is within the theme and that is everywhere. We are going to break out the box and take a quick of this new case from Aerocool.

Introduction to the Aerocool StrikeX GT Black Gaming Tower

Our great friends at Aerocool have sent us a laundry list of products for us to present to you. It is all a pleasure to review items from Aerocool as they are always interesting visually and full of features. Aerocool may not be as big as some of their competitors but the quality speaks for itself. The cases, front panel controllers and power supplies have always stood the test of time that we have been fortunate to review.

The first item we will be taking a long hard look at today will be the StrikeX GT Black gaming case. The GT stand for gaming tower as you can imagine but how does it stand up to the other gaming towers on the market? Well, we have reviewed several other companies’ towers and we will find out. Looking at StrikeX GT, you can see just where the “X” is within the theme and that is everywhere. We are going to break out the box and take a quick of this new case from Aerocool.

Aerocool’s take on the StrikeX GT

Following the introduction of the Strike-X ST case, the Strike-X GT is here to meet the needs of those who are in need of a high-end case but a lesser appetite for space.

The Strike-X GT offers great flexibility for expansion with excellent cooling ability. With the HDD converters included in this case, user can easily install up to 7x2.5" HDDs or 3.5" HDDs, and furthermore, each converter also acts as a fan bracket for a 12cm fan to be mounted at the opposite side of the HDD to cool the heat that HDD generates. Moreover, the converters can also be mounted vertically to the front of chassis with a 12cm fan installed to draw in cool air to force out the heat to the rear of chassis. If you are concerned with the heat issue in a PC case and yet want to keep the expansion ability, Strike-X GT is the case of your choice.


Fans installed

1. Front - 2 x 12cm RED LED fans (1 x 12cm included)

2. Top - 2 x 12cm fans (optional)

3. Bottom - 1 x 14cm fan (optional)(Fan screws must penetrate the dust filter)

4. Left Side - 2 x 12cm fans (optional)

5. Rear - 1 x 12cm RED LED fan (included)

Cooling System


120 x 120 x 25 mm

120 x 120 x 25 mm

Rated voltage



Starting voltage

<=6V(Power ON/OFF)

<=6V(Power ON/OFF)

Power Consumption



Rated Current






Air Flow

39 CMF-H2O

39 CMF-H2O

Noise (dBA)




20000 hours

20000 hours


Case Type

Mid Tower


SECC 0.6mm



Case Dimensions

465mm (H) x 190mm (W) x 490mm (D)

Drive Bays

3x 5.25" (Exposed) / 6 x 3.5" HDD or 2.5" HDD

Expansion Slots

7 Slots

Max length space available for PCI slots


I/O Ports

1x USB 3.0 / 3x USB2.0 / Audio+Mic (HD audio)


  • High performance "Mid-Tower" for gamers and enthusiast.
  • Aggressive "X" concept design case - a gamers' dream!
  • Supports longer high-end VGA cards up to 295 mm.
  • Supports 3 x 5.25" bays and maximum 6 x 2.5"/3.5" HDDs (internal) with HDD convertor bracket.
  • Anti-vibration pad included to dampen PSU vibration.
  • Each HDD bracket can mount a 12cm fan to cool each individually.
  • "Easy-install" screw-less kits for the 5.25" devices.
  • 3 x USB2.0 + 1 x USB3.0 and Audio/Mic ports are easily accessible from the top of case.
  • CPU hole is pre-drilled on the Motherboard for easy access to cooler installation.
  • Cable management holes are pre-drilled with high end rubber protection.
  • Dust filter included to prevent dust entering from the bottom of case.
  • Supports water-cooling

Closer look at the Interior

Before we get to the looks of the StrikeX GT Black, we have to tell you there are three models list one Aerocool’s US site as well as three on their TW site. The US site lists the GT, ST and the One. The GT is a mid tower, while the ST is a full tower and the One is the lower model with just a few list features. The TW site lists the GT, ST and the Advance. The Advance is very similar to the GT except for a different exterior. And when we took a look at the Presentation PDF for the Black we saw there is also a Devil Red model that is a black version with a red interior. Yes, Aerocool is really banking on the Strike X lines as there are even speakers, power supplies, mouse pads, fan controllers, laptop cooling and mice.

Getting back to the product at hand which is the GT Black edition. The StrikeX GT Black stands 18” tall and 19” deep. It is made of 0.6mm SECC metal and plastic. Many of the cases we have taken a look at lately could be categorized at gaming or professional. With professional meaning more of a plain exterior case usually made of aluminum or something to look like aluminum. But in the case of this StrikeX case, it says gamer all over it. And it is most obvious in the front than almost anywhere else.

Looking at the front of the StrikeX, we begin with a red-trimmed X with the word Strike flowing through it. Just below there are three 5.25 each with the “X” theme represented. Each panel is removable from the outside of the case. To allow for cool air intake two 12cm fans can be installed but only one is included. The one included fan glows red via four red LEDs. They are pretty quiet at 23 dBA while blowing 39CFM of air. They are only one speed and that is 1200 RPM. But if you haven’t noticed the X theme is also present in this location too.

Moving around to the left side panel we see a vented area where two more fans can be mounted but these are not included. The fan mounting holes are outline with rubber to absorb vibration from the fan once installed. There are seven convex grooves in the same panel that we are guessing is for air intake as each has very slight openings underneath.

The right side is nothing really going so we will continue.

The top of the case is just about as busy as the front. It begins with a large power button, smaller reset and two LEDs. Sitting behind that is three USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 port along with two audio jacks. And for your small items there is a small landing area. Aerocool is promoting the case as water-cooling friendly as it can accommodate a dual 120 rad in the top of the case as well as two 120mm cooling fans.

 The rear of the cases is a pretty standard layout nothing we haven’t seen before. It begins with another red LED fan which is included and a couple of inlets for water-cooling tubing. The red vent expansion covers are a nice touch if you are into the red/black theme.  Plastic tabs are used to pull the side panel away from the rest of the case. A real nice touch.

At the bottom we can see there are vented openings for the PSU and an additional fan.

Closer look at the Exterior

Opening the left side panel you can see what the inside of the StrikeX is all about. I for one would say I like it a lot as it a simple layout with plenty of room. Aerocool did not exercise their right to implement many of the features we see in some cases like removable HDD cages, fancy back panes or awkwardly turned motherboard trays. Just a simply interior for the masses.

One knock we saw with this version of the StrikeX is the support for long GPUs. The case can support many of the current video cards including the new Nvidia GTX 680 and the AMD Radeon HD 7970. But the issue comes when you elect to use a card like the Radeon HD 6990 that measures a full 12”and the max card length of the case is just over 11.5”. Then again you have a choice to up the ante and get the StrikeX ST.

The motherboard tray employs a large CPU change-out opening which is standard nowadays as well as cut-outs for routing cables to the rear of the motherboard tray. The entire right side is made up of an optical bay arrangement but don’t be fooled. Only the top slots are 5.25”. The case comes with convertors that while adapt each bay into a 2.5” or 3.5” bay up to seven. Each convertor can be installed in a vertical position and have a 120mm cooling fan attached to it for more air flow.

At the bottom of the case Aerocool used dust filters from both the PSU and fan vents. Aerocool has done something I have never seen in a case. The bottom filter is glued to the chassis. Not screwed, hinged or magentically attached but glued. This is something I have never seen before.  The case can be outfitted with a 140mm at the bottom.

The top of the case can also support two more 120mm cooling fan.


When it comes to the new Aerocool StrikeX GT Black it is very themed originated. Aerocool placed the whole StrikeX theme in as many placed on the exterior as they could. It’s presented in the front several times, the top of the case as well as with the internal HDD braces. This look is something that can make this case or break it with some protential buyers. We did not see it as being overbearing but we can see how some people would.

The overall structure of the case we found was a little flimsy and this is something not too heard of when it comes to smaller cases like this one. This could be for the simple fact the case is only using 0.6mm steel to construct it.  Another small knock on the case and for some this could be considered nick picking but the bottom fan filter is glowed to the surface of the case. A nice cheap plastic framed panel would have been nice.

Hope it doesn’t sound like we are being really hard on the case and did not find anything we liked as that is far from the truth. We loved the way the HDD mounting system could also be used for fan mounting as well.

Another nice feature of the case is the included LED fans. If you like red and plan on implementing a theme based on these two colors then you are half way there. The fans are reasonably quiet and we heard no vibration noise from them at all. And speaking of fans this case can house a total of eight (two included), nice amount for a case of this size.

We found the case at a few locations including Fry’s and Tiger Direct for $99.99. At this price this case has a lot of competition. Cases like the Antec 900, Cooler Master HAF 922 and the Corsair 400R are very popular and hard to top.

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