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AZZA Hurrican 2000The AZZA Hurrican 2000 is on a short list of well designed cases that seems to offer everything, from large amounts of space, to enough fans to cool every component in the system. The Hurrican 2000 is in direct competition with Coolermaster HAF X and Antec DF-85. Hurrican 2000 offers the end user a few things neither one of the others does. If you are wondering what that is I will let you in one of them. A total of eight cooling fans. Not too impressed? How about if we were to tell you that four of them are a massive 230mm? Still not enough? Read on then and maybe we will have you convinced by the time we're done.

Introduction to the AZZA Hurrican 2000

If you were to take a look around at some of the PC towers currently out on the market, you will see that many of them have a lot in common: plenty of room, well organized layout, painted black inside and out, with excellent air circulation rounding out the list. These are all the things we are looking for which turns all your brand new hardware into the perfect system.

One case we recently reviewed was the Coolermaster HAF X. This case offered the consumer great features in all aspects and because of that it is one of the best cases we have seen to date. Granted the rugged style is a matter of taste to each individual, but functionally it ranks at the top.

That may all come to an end. AZZA, a company that you may or may not have heard of (if you frequent Pro-Clockers you likely have) may have something that could very well change your minds.

The AZZA Hurrican 2000 is on a short list of well designed cases that seems to offer everything, from large amounts of space, to enough fans to cool every component in the system. The Hurrican 2000 is in direct competition with Coolermaster HAF X and Antec DF-85. Hurrican 2000 offers the end user a few things neither one of the others does. If you are wondering what that is I will let you in one of them. A total of eight cooling fans. Not too impressed? How about if we were to tell you that four of them are a massive 230mm? Still not enough? Read on then and maybe will have you convinced by the time we're done.

AZZA's take on the Hurrican 2000

“AZZA Hurrican 2000 truly has everything you need to build the ultimate gaming rig. Designed with an unprecedented cooling system equipped with eight strategically positioned fans, AZZA understands the ever growing need to cool, cool, cool your high-performance components. This full tower case¡'s innovation includes the placement of two monster 230mm fans on the side panel, with the top designed to cool your CPU and the bottom to cool your GPU. The incorporation of two side-panel fans of this size together with their tactical positioning designed for compartmentalized cooling is a feature never seen in any other chassis before. An additional two 230 mm fans are placed on top for extra ventilation. Two 120 mm fans in the front panel, one 120 mm fan in the rear, and another 120 mm fan placed next to the motherboard complete this exceptional cooling system. On top of all this, the chassis supports up to 360 mm water cooling radiator.

With your ease of assemblage in mind, Hurrican 2000 supports 4 easy swap HDD trays, eliminating the need to open the side panel or unscrew any screws. And it has another two trays for SSD and 2.5¡± HDD. The case can accommodate mini ATX, full ATX and Extended ATX motherboards, with extensive storage capacity and stacks of drive bays to install all your games. It also supports the longest VGA card in the market, up to 325mm (ATI 5970). And it supports the latest USB 3.0 connector in front. The list of features can go on and on. Seamlessly coupling function with its awe-inspiring styling, unrivaled by chassis of its class, Hurrican 2000 truly is in a league of its own.”


Model Name: Hurrican 2000
Model Number: CSAZ-2000/2000R
Type: ATX Full Tower
Color: Black (exterior)/Black (interior)/RED(interior)
Material: SECC Japanese Steel
With Side Panel Window: Yes
With Power Supply: No
Motherboard Compatibility: E-ATX, Full ATX, ATX, Micro ATX
External 5.25" Drive Bay: 4
External 3.5" Drive Bay: 1
Internal 2.5" Drive Bay: 2x 2.5"SSD, HDD Drive Bays
Internal 3.5" Drive Bay: 6 (4x Easy Swap 3.5" Drive Bays)
Expansion: 7
Front Ports
Front Ports 1x USB 3.0, 2xUSB 2.0, e-SATA, Audio, Mic
Cooling System
230mm Fan: Top: 2x 230mm Silent Fans (24dBA)
Left Side: 2x 230mm Blue/Red LED Silent Fans (24dBA)
120mm Fan: Front: 2x120mm Blue/Red LED Silent Fans (19dBA)
Rear: 1x120mm Fan in Rear
Right Side: 1x120mm super slim fan for CPU
Physical Spec
Dimensions (H x W x D): 21.6" x 10" x 23.2" (549mm x 254mm x 590mm)
Weight 28.6 lbs/13 kg


Ultimate Cooling System: 2x 230mm fans located on top, to exhaust the hot air
Total 8 Fans 2x 230mm fans located on the side, to intake the cool air
2x 120mm fans in the front , to cool the HDD
1x 120mm super slim fan next to the motherboard
1x 120mm fan located in the rear, to exhaust the hot air
Easy Swap for HDD 4x Easy Swap HDD trays, eliminating the need to open the
side window or remove any screw to install HDD, also
support 2 slots for SSD & 2.5¡± HD
Support Water Cooling support up to 360mm water cooling radiator
Support Longest VGA card support up to 340mm (ATI 5970) VGA card
USB 3.0 Ready 1xUSB 3.0, 2xUSB 2.0, 1xeSATA
Bottom Mount Power Supply: Power Supply located on the bottom, two ways to install power supply; providing more efficient airflow
Cable Management: Cable is hidden behind the pre-drilled motherboard tray; better cable management and better air flow
Maximum Compatibility: Compatible with extended ATX, ATX, Micro ATX and all kinds of Nvidia, ATI long graphic card up to 340mm, and all kinds of water cooling system; support radiator up to size 360mm
Easy installation of CPU Cooler A pre-cut hole for an easy installation of CPU cooler, eliminating the need to remove the motherboard

Closer look at the exterior

Looking at the Hurrican 2000 for the first time kind of reminded me of Thermaltake's Spedo Advance, except with a lot more going on visually. The top half of is covered in the typical mesh bay plates that we are seeing pop up all over the place. The bottom with it's vertical lines has more of a grilled look. Which when both are combined makes for a nice looking case. I wouldn’t quite call it a sexy looking case, like what we see from Lian Li and Silverstone, but nevertheless good looking.

In terms of height the Hurrican stands 22.3 inches tall, which is about half an inch taller than the HAF X. And yet the Hurrican is lighter than the HAF X by two pounds, tipping the scales at 28.6 and 31.6 pounds, respectively. This along does not make the Hurrican the winner in category of higher end gaming cases but it is a nice start.

Coming back to the top we see there are four 5.25” drive bays for your expansion needs. While they have a mesh commonality with other cases, what set these apart from the others is the panels can be removed without having to enter the case. A small lever off to the side releases a latch and then they are free to be removed.

Below the larger drive bays are long strands of plastic that protects two rather large 120mm cooling fans. And like many other cases with front mounted fans these are also have LEDs for a visual effect.

Surprise! The lower half of the front is actually a door that opens up to expose six removable HDD docks. Another feature that we have seen in a few cases, such as the Zalman MS1000. Here we can also see the front case fans which sit inside the door. The strategic location of these fans provides the cooling for the installed hard drives.


The top four docks which are for standard 3.5” hard drives, as is pictured left, with the second being for smaller 2.5" laptop or solid state drives.


The side panel of the Hurrican 2000 looks like that of the exposed blade on turbofan engines you can see under the wings of commercial airliners. The ridges at the front of the raised panel are not functional but through the two windowed panels you will to see some of the components on the inside. The two 230mm (yes, another two) will blow over the areas where the GPU and CPU will reside.

The opposite side panel is beveled in order to provide you plenty of room for all the extra cables that need a place to rest. This is one advantage the Coolermaster HAF series had over all the other cases on the market. Mounted in the right side panel is a super slim 120mm fan for some needed airflow on the backside of the motherboard. Not often though about but the back of the motherboard gets rather toasty as well. Hold your hand above the 'top' of the video card sometime and that should give you an idea of what the opposite side of the processor is like, so it goes with out saying this is a welcomed feature.

The top of the Hurrican 2000 is reminiscent of the Alienware Area-51 chassis with its raised fins. Sadly these do not open up however. Looking down the fins you can see the fans underneath. Speaking of fans these two are also 230mm, making for the only case we know of to have four 230mm fans in one case (not to mention the four 120mm as well).

Towards the front are the front I/O connections. There are a total of three USB ports two of which are 2.0 while the other is 3.0, and next to it is the last storage connection being an eSATA. Between them all reside your typical audio jacks. Above the I/O area is the power and reset switches.

From the rear we see that the PSU location is of the bottom mounted variety, something that is also becoming popular with cases. The expansion slot covers are all vented to further aid in better air flow. There are a total of three water-cooling inlets. Two are to the right of the expansion slots, the third sitting above the I/O opening, which could be an ideal location for filling the loop from the outside. Here we also find the last of the case fans, this one being for exhaust and is 120mm. The two switches you see just above it are the speed controls for the top mounted fans.

Underneath the cases are large rubber feet to keep the case high up off the ground in order to provide enough clearance for PSU airflow. Most of the fan locations on this case have fan filters to aid in eliminating dust from entering the case. The filters are easily removed from the outside to make cleaning easy.

Closer look at the interior

Before we get into the inside of the Hurrican 2000 we take a closer at the side panel. The panels are pretty thick in order to house those 230mm cooling fans. They are powered directly from the power supply and each also have LEDs for some ambient lighting.

Now onto the interior of the case, which is spacious and well organized. From just looking at the image below we see that the Hurrican 2000 can house video cards as large as the Radeon HD 5970.

One of the first things we look at when we first open a case is the cable management possibilities, and the Hurrican has plenty of it. There are cable routing holes all throughout the motherboard tray, we counted five of them in total. You cannot help to notice that 120mm cooling fan sitting behind the motherboard tray, that extra cooling will be a great help.

There are 4 rubber standoffs to absorb the weight and vibration of the power supply. If your power supply isn’t a long beast then you are able to add one more 80mm or 120mm fan to the bottom of the case.

Look at these two large 230mm cooling fans at the top of the case. Nice thing about the Hurrican is that a triple rad can be added to the top of the case with little to no modding.

Panning towards the front of the case we see the four small SATA back planes, allowing for hotswapping of hard drives, using standard Molex connectors for power. Installing optical drives is a pain free job as the 5.25" bays are a tool-less operation.


Not too much can be said about the rear of the case from the inside that we didn’t already mention about it from the outside. So we will move.

Here we see the back of the motherboard tray. AZZA provides a few zip ties for securing extra cabling from the power supply. We just wished AZZA would have added more tie down location loops to spread it all out.


To give you some visual of how much room we have in the AZZA case we placed our test bench in it. Paired with a large cooler and a Radeon HD 5870, there was plenty of room to spare. The Hurrican support motherboards ranging in size from mATX to E-ATX.  The building of an ultimate gaming rig should not be a problem for the Hurrican.

We used a Thermaltake 850 watt power supply in the build to get you some idea of the spacing on the bottom. We do have plenty of room left over to install a second 120mm fan if we wanted too.

Here we have the HDD placed in a removable bracket ready for installation. Also shown is a SSD drives installed in one of the bottom brackets. Each of the drives must be screwed into the brackets before installing into the front of the case.


AZZA built the Hurrican 2000 to compete with the likes of the Coolermaster HAF X and Antec DF-85. Did they do a good job of targeting the competition? We really do think so. The Hurrican 2000 offers a lot of what the other two do, but at a much lower price point. The interior spacing is there, as well as the wide range of functionality.

AZZA made sure you are able to build the awesome gaming rig inside this case. There is plenty of room to house dual, or even triple SLI and Crossfire setups; an area where a lot of cases lack. All can be accomplished without taking out any HDD cages. The SATA back plane is a nice option as well, making the installation of a storage drive quite easy.

One thing you cannot get over is the amount of fans that comes with the case. A total of eight grace the inside of the Hurrican. Not some time ones either, but 230mm and 120mm, of which there are four of each! The arrangement of the fans allows for every component inside the box to be provided with cool air blowing over it.

For those that like to add water to their rigs the Hurrican 2000 can house a single 360mm rad in the top of the case. Of added benefit is that you will not even have to do away with the top mounted 230mm ventilation fans. Which there is even an outlet in the rear panel for a fill tube if you so desire.

We can go on and on about what this case has to offer but I am going to end it with the accessories and the pricing of the case. The Hurrican 2000 comes with the usual set of pieces to complete the build of a nice rig like motherboard mounting screws, thumbscrews and extra cable ties for cable management. It also offers extra SATA cables, in case your motherboard did not come with enough, and an extra 3.5” to 2.5" bay adapter if you need space for another small drive.

Shopping around for the AZZA Hurrican 2000 we found at the EGG and other online shops for $139 before a $20 rebate making it a great value.

The Hurrican is a rather large case which is the reason for all the room it has to offer. This will make it or break it for the consumer, as many of us do not have room for such a case. We are hoping AZZA produces one on a smaller level while retaining as many features as possible.

The AZZA Hurrican 2000 is definitely the best value.

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