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coolermaster storm enforcerThe new Enforcer has an appearance that looks as though it may be some sort of futuristic Iron Man mask. More on that later though, as I tend to run on at the mouth in these introductions due to the excitement. The Enforcer does offer several features that I feel will benefit not only those on a budget, but those tight on space, or who are flat out just looking for a good case. Water-cooling, support for very long video cards and semi tool-less assembly is just the half of it.


Introduction to the Cooler Master Storm Enforcer Gaming Tower

Have you been looking for the ultimate gaming case that will not empty your bank account? Cooler Master believes that it has come up with it. Today, the CM Storm division has lifted the NDA on their brand new case, which they've called Enforcer. This is a mid-tower ATX that offers several bells and whistles that you find in higher dollar models. The Enforcer is a fresh new look for the CM Storm brand, which almost everyone is familiar with by now for the HAF series of gaming towers.

The new Enforcer has an appearance that looks as though it may be some sort of futuristic Iron Man mask. More on that later though, as I tend to run on at the mouth in these introductions due to the excitement. The Enforcer does offer several features that I feel will benefit not only those on a budget, but those tight on space, or who are flat out just looking for a good case. Water-cooling, support for very long video cards and semi tool-less assembly is just the half of it.

Cooler Master’s take on the Enforcer

CM Storm’s Enforcer is a bold new battle-ready addition to the Storm lineup. It is a compact, featured packed, mid-tower solution for enthusiasts and budget conscious gamers. It is perfect for those that enjoy smaller case footprints, have space restrictions, or need an agile LAN deployable solution. It comes as the first mid-tower to include native Super GPU cards like the ATI Radeon HD 6970 and the NVIDIA GTX 580, large CPU coolers, two 200mm fans, and one 120mm fans. The CM Storm Enforcer changes everything with its speed, stealth and guile that open up the door for limitless possibilities. With all of its offerings, it more closely resembles that of a mid to high-end case than other cases in its price range.


Black/interior coating black
229 x 484.5 x 523.5mm 9.01 x 19.07 x 20.6 inches (WxHxD)
8.9kg / 19.5lbs
SECC / ABS Plastic
4 exposed (one could be converted to 3.5” bay)
6 hidden 1 exposed (converted from 5.25” bay
2+2 (converted from 5.25” bay) 4 hidden
USB 3.0 x 2 (internal), USB 2.0 x 2, Audio x 1, Speakers x 1ling System
200mm Red LED fan x 1, 1000 RPM
200mm front RED LED fan
120 mm fan black fan x 1, 1200 RPM
ATX PS2 / EPS 12V (optional)
2 year


-Elegant front door protects optical drives
-Sleek side window shows off internal components
-All black interior for stealthy looks
-Removable SSD and hard drive trays

Closer look at the exterior

The new Enforcer is not a bad looking case from the front we must say, even if it does have a door. I state it like that because many of us aren’t big fans of cases with doors, as you know we're not all that fond of them ourselves. The door on this case reminds me of the helmet of Iron Man (And me of Visor, from Quake III: Arena --Clint), and really seems to give the front its character.

The Enforcer will only be available in black with no signs of other color choices forthcoming, but that could change. Another AMD inspired red-theme would look amazing, but so would a deep blue for the Intel fans. As far as the Enforcer's size and weight, it stands just shy of 19” tall and weighs in at 19.5 lbs when empty.

With the door of the Enforcer opened you have access to the four exterior 5.25” drive bays, with the last one being able to support 3.5” drives via the included adapter. Each bay is made of mesh and includes a dust filter to help control large dust particles from entering. Also seems as if CM took care to make the Enforcer look really nice with the door open as well.

Below the masked upper portion is a half mesh area that is used to safeguard the massive 200mm red LED cooling fan. CM made it a point to provide the user the option of being able to replace the single 200mm fan with dual 120mm. A great idea for those that may want to run dual water-cooling rads.

The Enforcer's primary side panel you can see comes fitted with a windows of substantial size, taking up more than half of the territory of the left side panel. Positioned towards the back half, the window is large enough to show off the rear half of the motherboard and any graphics cards you may be sporting.

For those that may plan on running an external water-cooling rad the Enforcer has rubber grommet lined ports to run the tubing to the interior. The smallest of the fans that the Enforcer comes included with sits in the rear of the case and measures 120mm. The expansion slot covers are vented for better air circulation, as you know is our preference. If you plan to use it as a LAN rig and value your mouse, keyboard or any other corded device, the Enforcer does have support CM’s Storm Guard, which is a locking clamp for your peripheral's cables.


The front I/O portion of the case sits at the top edge for easy access and keep any cables out of the way. The case is not short on USB ports either as it has a total of four: two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0. Two audio jacks sit between each of the ports. Below them is the power/drive activity LED bar, and finally the large power button. On top of the case behind the I/O section is a small recessed pad for you to set things in, an external hard drive for example. Then at the back half has room for two 120mm fans or a single 200mm, but the Enforcer does not come with any cooling fans installed in these slots. Lets not forget that this area can also hold a single or double water-cooling radiator, bringing the mount location count to a total of two possibilities.

Closer look at the interior

Removing the side panels greets us with a solid painted black interior. The inside is well organized and somewhat modular. CM packed the Enforcer with several features which is always good.

The motherboard tray has the usual cut-out for accessing the back of the CPU socket for swapping heatsinks while the motherboard is installed. A few smaller cut-outs are there to aid in cable management, as well as more cable zip tie anchors than you can shake a stick at.

The four 5.25" bays use these simple levers for securing the drives into place. The Enforcer provides enough space to fit a total of six 3.5" drives, four in the center (top) cage and two more in the bottom cage. The center 3.5” HDD cage can be remove from the tower if need be, but has to be unscrewed first, which requires removal of the right side panel in order to gain access to the screws. The bottom cage however is not as it is riveted down. [Editor's Note: It would appear as though the center cage the option of quick removal by the top and bottom spring tabs, so you can easily install and remove it with out the screws. For transport though I'd advise installing the screws as a safety precaution.]

Mounted to the bottom of the case is another cage for the fitment of two 2.5” drives, also removable with two screws present at the outside corners. This same cage has mounting holes on the top to support a water-cooling pump as well. Depending on how you are mounting your PSU there is a ventilation area on the bottom for its fan.

Here we have a shot of the 120mm rear mounted cooling fan. No tool-less option to secure your expansion cards, but the port plates are all reusable.

With the front bezel removed we have a better visual of the 200mm fan.

Assembly images

Optical drive in the second bay of the Enforcer.

Two SSD drives mounted in the bottom 2.5" cage.

Mothebroard and Radeon HD 5870 installed.

HDD fitted with the included plastic tool-less brackets and inserted into the HDD cage.


For the incredible price of $89.99, Cooler Master's Enforcer offers an affordable full-featured gaming case to the DIY computing market. We are accustomed to seeing HAF models coming from CM Storm, but the new Enforcer is a nice change. The overall look has some resemblance to the HAF line, still consisting of the same rugged and durable construction. The new styling CM has given the Enforcer really screams "GAMING!" to us. This is also the first case we have seen from CM's Storm division that consists of a door. Will everyone be pleased by that? Perhaps not. Though honestly, the styling of the door is not that bad at all and flows with the rest of the case very well, which we think is saying a lot coming from us.

There are many features that we mentioned in this article that makes the case worthy of a serious look. For those that are planning to add a water loop or two in a new build, then the Enforcer has the room for your goals. They even made it easy to find a place to mount the pump by providing one for you, and with pre-drilled holes to boot. As for the rest of the loop, dual 120mm radiators can be placed in the top as well as the front, provided you eliminate the primary HDD cage from the build.

Proper air circulation is not a problem with the Enforcer either since the case comes with a large front mounted 200mm cooling and a 120mm at the rear. The consumer even has the option to install an additional 200mm, or two 120mm, in the top of the case. The 5.25" bays and fan inlet at the front of the case, as well as the bottom vent opening for the PSU, all have dust filters to help eliminate particles from entering.

The Enforcer has plenty of room to support today’s longer GPUs like the Radeon HD 6970 and Nvidia GTX 580. This will require you to remove the modular HDD cage from the mix, but with still two 3.5" bays and two 2.5" remaining, there is plenty of room left for storage drives. If you are a SSD user then the dedicate space for two of them is no doubt a welcomed sight as it means no adapters you need to use. With four of the 5.25" bays there should be no problems fitting in two optical drives, a fan controller and multi-card reader, among the many other possibilities.

We also like the fact Cooler Master did paint the interior black and implemented better than decent openings in the motherboard tray to route cables. Something becoming more common with modern cases, but is not done to this degree when it comes to cases of this price range.

The Enforcer may be hard to find right now due to just being release, but when it is and with the MRSP $89.99, we don't expect them to stay in stock very long before selling out.

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