Enermax Hoplite ST Gaming Tower Review

Posted by on Tuesday, April 23, 2013 - 8:00am

The Hoplite ST is perfect for a gamer and enthusiast that wants a gaming style tower but not looking to go overboard with the theme or design. Made with a generous amount of mesh and plastic, the Hoplite fits a gamers' need but does it in a more simplistic form. It also addresses what a typical gamer needs in their build such as plenty of space for drives, clearance for long graphic cards and standard ATX motherboards.

Enermax Hoplite ST Gaming Tower Review


Enermax once again called on us to review their newest case in the market. The case we will be taking a look at today will be the recently released Hoplite ST gaming chassis. This new case shares its name with another case from Enermax which was simply called Hoplite. The new ST version sports a new front fascia design and some new features making it ideal for those that want to move out of their dated case and into something more modern.

The Hoplite ST is perfect for a gamer and enthusiast that wants a gaming style tower but not looking to go overboard with the theme or design. Made with a generous amount of mesh and plastic, the Hoplite fits a gamers' need but does it in a more simplistic form. It also addresses what a typical gamer needs in their build such as plenty of space for drives, clearance for long graphic cards and standard ATX motherboards.

Enermax’s take on the Hoplite ST

Hoplite ST boasts greatly generous space to accommodate 286mm length VGA cards, and up to 403mm with the removal of the removable cage. The chassis comes with four 5.25” and six 3.5” drive bays, totally tool-less. The six 3.5” drive bay trays are compatible with 2.5” SSD/HDD!

For smart cable routing, this chassis reserves a room of 2cm wide between the MB tray and side panel, with cut-outs and rubber grommets on the tray for better arrangement.

The chassis offers 5 fan slots with one pre-installed 12cm fan in back and another 12cm LED fan in front. The main side panel has room for installing two fans to provide additional airflow for CPU and VGA. Furthermore, the embedded acrylic window provides clear view to show interior components. Together with the front and top mesh structure, HOPLITE ST creates an ideal cooling environment to host your devices.

In addition, it is equipped with 3 USB ports, including one USB3.0. It also has a SATA HDD dock with protective cover to prevent dust accumulation.


Model Name



Dimensions (mm)

487 x 200 x 496 mm


SECC 0.6mm

Drive bays




6 x hidden ( 3 x removable)


6 (converted from 3.5)


Micro ATX, ATX


ATX 12V (Optional)

Front I/O

USB 2.0 x 2, USB 3.0 x 1, HD Audio



12cm LED fan x 1

12cm LED fan x 1


12cm fan x 1

12cm LED fan x 1


Acryl window, w/ 12cm fan x 2 (Optional)


14/12cm fan x 1 (Optional)

Expansion slots



Description: <a href=http://www.enermax.com/userfiles/image/icon_3.gif" width="4" height="7" />

Top I/O interface for easy access and fastest data transfer


Top SATA dock with dust shield

3 x USB ports for simultaneous use

Internal USB 3.0 support


Description: <a href=http://www.enermax.com/userfiles/image/icon_3.gif" width="4" height="7" />

Integrated 3-step fan speed controller for instant airflow adjustment (up to 3 fans)


Description: <a href=http://www.enermax.com/userfiles/image/icon_3.gif" width="4" height="7" />

Acryl window with clear view to show off interior rigs


Description: <a href=http://www.enermax.com/userfiles/image/icon_3.gif" width="4" height="7" />

Easy installation


Enermax exclusive ODD tool-less design

Tool-less 3.5” HDD tray (compatible with 2.5”devices)

Removable HDD cage for high-end VGA card installation (up to 403mm)

Cable management cut-outs with rubber grommets

Ample room behind motherboard tray for cable routing (up to 20 mm)


Description: <a href=http://www.enermax.com/userfiles/image/icon_3.gif" width="4" height="7" />

Removable PSU dust filter for easy cleaning

Closer look at the exterior

Last month, we took a look at the Enermax Ostrog GT chassis which was a direct from me to Enermax and not vice versa. The reason for me doing this is because I really liked what the Ostrog had to offer. The case looks good and had plenty of room for all the typical things that make up a good gaming case. The new Hoplite ST pretty much falls in the same class.

Like the Ostrog GT, the Hoplite ST is a revamp of a case that was previously shown on their site. But of course the newest model does offer several featured upgrades over the previous version. In the case of this case, we are talking about HDD dock, removable HDD cages and various other options we will talk about throughout the review.

The official model name of the Hoplite ST is ECA3261 and because there are two color variations, the model name could end in a –W for the white model and –B for the black model which we will be taking a look at today.

The measurements of the Hoplite ST are pretty identical to those of the Ostrog GT at 19.5” tall and 19.1” deep. So, Enermax has two cases to offer you if you are looking for cases of this exact size.

The looks of the Hoplite ST is quite different from that of Ostrog GT. Both are more on the simple side of the gaming genre but themed enough to see just where they stand amongst other cases of other genres. There's the front fascia made of metal mesh including the four 5.25” bay plate covers. These plates are easily removed from the outside of the case.

At the lower half of the Hoplite ST, a 120mm cooling fan is mounted internally. The mesh allows for the blue lighting from the fan’s LEDs to shine through.

The case does come equipped with a windowed left side panel. The design of the window does remind me of the Honda symbol turned on one side. According to Enermax’s USA site, the window can support two 120mm fans. But looking at the panel you can see there are two other sides including 80mm and 140mm fans.

The right side panel is just a solid slab of metal with a built-in handle for removal.

You will not be getting anything larger than a standard ATX motherboard in the Hoplite ST and the evidence can be seen from the seven vented PCI expansion slots. Then there's a regular 120mm fan is used for exhaust. For external water-cooling radiator mounting, there are four inlets for tubing.

The bottom of the case has a built-in foot as well as a vent with dust filter for the bottom mounted power supply. It doesn't come along with a power supply unit.

Here we have a shot of the case's top portion. The rear half consist of a vented area protect by a dust cover. A 12/14cm fan can be mounted on the top of the case but are not provided.

Just forward of the vent is a HDD docking station for SATA 2.5” and 3.5” drives.

Near the front of the top is the I/O portion of the case. It consists of two USB 2.0 ports and a single USB 3.0 port and also the standard audio jacks. There is a small slider switch that can control the speed of four fans total.

Closer Look at the Interior

Opening the case, we see that the interior shares the same black paint job as the exterior. This is now a common practice with many of the upper tier case manufactures. The space is pretty decent for a nice gaming build.

Starting with the motherboard tray, we see there is a large cutout for the CPU cooler. There are also three rubber grommet openings for routing PSU cables. There are a couple of other smaller inlets for miscellaneous case cables.

Like we stated earlier, the case has four optical drive bays. The drives are secured in place using these plastic locking mechanisms.

The Hoplite has two HDD cages each capable of holding three drives each. Drives are held in place using plastic brackets. The plastic mounting system can support both 2.5” and 3.5” drives. The cool thing about the cages is the top one which can be removed from the chassis to allow for installation of longer graphic cards.


Here is a view of the rear of the case with its 120mm cooling fan.

The PSU is held off the surface of the case by two bubble feet and a small lip.

Looking at the top of the case from the inside, we see that anyone would look to one of Enermax’s other cases when wanting to water-cool. Most of the shell is closed off preventing radiators larger than 120mm from being mounted.


Build Images


There is a difference between cheap cases and budget ones. A cheap case is more of a….little to no standard and built like garbage. Then there are the budget cases, cases that give you all the standard features like clean layout, good fan placement and ease to build. They also give you things like thumbscrews for the expansion slots, more than just two locations for fans, HDD docks and color matching interior. The latter is exactly what the Enermax Hoplite ST offers.

To add to this feature-rich budget case, there are vented slot covers with air filters on the front and bottom fan locations then there's also a three speed fan controller included. All this makes for a very good case if you do not want to break the bank on your next build.

Something else the build will look is the room behind the motherboard tray for routing extra length of cabling. There is approximately 3/4-inch of space between the back of the tray and the side panel. The tray itself only had three holes for routing the cables to the rear but in this case that is enough because of the depth of the case. There's just no room for more than that.

There is plenty of room in the case for 3.5" drives, six to be exact. But if you do not intend to use this many drives, you can opt to remove the top HDD cages and install a longer video card.

I have a few knocks towards the case like the side panel which was a little flimsy for me but not to a point that I would not recommend the case to friends and readers.

The next would be that the top of the case doesn’t allow for water-cooling radiators larger than 120/140. There is a good reason for this in this case, the HDD dock.

The Hoplite ST has a pricing between $69 and $89 depending on where you decide to purchase and what color. It seems that the white color was slightly higher priced than the black unit.

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