NZXT Aperture M

Posted by on Friday, July 20, 2012 - 5:12am

Introduction to the NZXT Aperture M Multi-Media Hub

When it comes to something like a case mounted digital flash reader there isn’t too much to can do to one to call it different from the others on the market. It’s pretty much if you have seen one you have seen them all. Well, that is the way I see it anyways. I mean what can you do to a card reader to make it ‘special’. Maybe I should have consulted NZXT during the period of time I was thinking like that.

NZXT has been known to put their twist on everything. Take a look at their website you will see one of the first white power supplies around, take an extra-long look at the Phantom and Lexa cases. These two cases look like no others on the market. Now, I ask myself again what can you do to a card reader to make it different. Lets ask Johnny and is personnel at NZXT.

The new Aperture M is definitely a simple tool like all the other readers out there but NZXT had enough imagination to make it flow with today’s popular styled cases. The Aperture M has the same mesh material that we see on a large majority of the cases on the shelf at your local electronic store. By doing this the builder can keep the mesh style flowing.

NZXT’s take on the Aperture M

NZXT proudly presents a new line of accessories, the Aperture Series. The Aperture M is a 5.25” mesh style reader that looks to set a new standard for PC expansions by supporting almost every media card in the market along with the perk of dual USB 3.0 ports and compatibility for the newest SDXC cards. The Aperture M makes an excellent add-on, blending almost flawlessly into any chassis with a mesh front panel.



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