S2Innovation Axiom Pro PC Case

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The Axiom Pro PC Case struck a chord with me from the start, because of its innovative filtration system. As a life-long asthma and allergy sufferer, anything that might help keep my PC and the air around me cleaner has already half-way won me over. To fully win me over, it has to deliver on that promise.

Based out of Korea, S2innovation Co. Ltd is new to the market and they’re planning on taking it by storm. If you would like to meet their reps in person, head on over to IFA Global innovations show. They’ll be there in Berlin between September 6th and 11th. Check out Booth 912 in Hall 26.


S2innovation Axiom Pro PC Chassis Review

The Axiom Pro PC Case struck a chord with me from the start, because of its innovative filtration system. As a life-long asthma and allergy sufferer, anything that might help keep my PC and the air around me cleaner has already half-way won me over. To fully win me over, it has to deliver on that promise.

Based out of Korea, S2innovation Co. Ltd is new to the market and they’re planning on taking it by storm. If you would like to meet their reps in person, head on over to IFA Global innovations show. They’ll be there in Berlin between September 6th and 11th. Check out Booth 912 in Hall 26.

S2innovation on the Axiom Pro

"Since its inception, the PC has seen a dramatic improvement in all aspects of its performance and has helped to make people's lives change for the better.

In fact, several electronic components such as CPU, VGA, MEMORY and Chips have played a major part in this development, however, we believe that the PC Case should act as more than a simple meaning of case just called 'housing' to jump up, and should evolve the entire computer's aspects alongside the internal components.

We think that a PC case should protect its inner electronic components without fail and with an effective cooling structure, give convenience to its user and provide a new, pleasurable experience. Most importantly, these technologies should be based on practicality and should integrate seamlessly with the user's expectations.

Dust is an everyday life problem, but until now it has been taken for granted as an unavoidable occurrence, especially for PC casing. More importantly, dust can cause serious errors and malfunctions in electronic devices, so it needs to be dealt with. It has recently been suggested that a mesh type of filter  for eliminating dust could be installed at the front or back of the suction fan into which exterior air flows. yet since the dusty filter disturbs the flow of air, overall cooling efficiency is significantly reduced. What's more, since a large amount of absorbed dust rapidly increases, the heat radiating efficiently is rapidly reduced. As a result, the filters need to be periodically replaced and cleaning inside of the PC is a terrible inconvenience to the user.

We have made an effort to develop an innovative filtering system over the last three years to solve these problems. The result is the 'S-Filter' (Triple Filtering System) based on research and development, finally resulting in the AXIOM.

AXIOM provides the user with innovative and advanced features such as a new type of filter, advanced hot plugging drive port, a brand new Headphone amplifier, optimizing style of the hard drive bay and smart fan controller, as well as a stylish and dynamic design. 

We are proud to launch the latest product of the S2 Innovation range, the AXIOM, and are in no doubt that it will bring a global change in not only the way that its users see PC casing but revitalize the experience of PC use.

Let us extend our warmest gratitude for your purchase of the Axiom and sincerely wish you a pleasurable user experience."  -- S2innovation Co., Ltd



Features from S2innovation’s website:

Separate the dust from the inflowing air !

S-Filter – the first of its kind in the world- is a Triple Filtering System using the Centrifugal Force of Cyclone technology. Nearly every dust particle is effectively collected in the Main-collector and the Sub-collector. And the miniscule of dust is completely blocked by the last Sponge-filter.

Air that flows into the AXIOM case through the front bezel’s suction hole is rotated inside the S-Filter. A dust included in the air is collected via the centrifugal force mechanism and is deposited in the Dust-box. So, effective dust expulsion and a constant, smooth flow of air are ensured to give the best performance and reliability in tough conditions.

1.       Cyclone Dust Collector

a.       Using the centrifugal force, the dust included in inflowing air is effectively collected through 3 steps. Differ from the general filter the suction hole of the S-Filter is not covered with dust. So, a constant and a smooth flow of air are ensured to give the best cooling performance and reliability.

2.       Triple Filtering System

a.       The S-Filter (Triple Filtering System) consists of 3 steps to dust expulsion. During the first and second steps, almost of all dust is collected by the unit’s centrifugal force and dropped into the dust box located in the front bezel. Then at the third step, the remaining fine dust is drawn into a sponge filter.

3.       S-Filter vs Normal PC case

a.       In case of general filter like mesh type or the like can easily be covered with dust when working time passed. Unfortunately if the dust reached in a critical lever, the cooling efficiency is rapidly reduced because of there is no inflowing air from outside. The entrance of S-Filter is not covered with dust because of using the new collecting method. Through this innovative method, effective dust expulsion and a constant, smooth flow of air are ensured to give the best performance and reliability in tough conditions. A life span of the S-Filter is over 10 times compared with a normal filter of mesh type. (It differs according to each system and operating environment)

b.     Graph

4.       S-Filter Layout

a.       There are two S-Filter Modules in the Axiom Pro.


5.       Easy Cleaning

a.       To clean the Dust-box,

b.      Step 1:  After turning off the PC power, pull out the dust-box as shown in the picture.

c.       Step 2:  Empty the dust

d.      To clean the sponge filter, remove the filter cover attached to the rear of the fan by opening the side-door



Provide a safety features! Prevent Hot-Plugging drive failure.

1.       About Hot Plugging?

a.       Hot plugging is the ability to install and remove a device without shutting down the system SATA interface basically designed supplying Hot plugging. It meaning SATA type of HDD and SSD can install and remove without shutting down system such as USB memory.

2.       Safety Hot Plugging Drive bay

a.       Safety 1 - Power on after install HDD, Power off before remove HDD

                                                               i.      Remove working HDD to rotate thousands of times per minute, it can cause serious damage to the platter and head crashes.

                                                             ii.      D-Pot of Axiom Pro will safely parking the head of HDD.

b.      Safety 2 - Automatically push out HDD by cover/ Prevent damage to the connector

                                                              i.      Connector is designed for internal S-ATA HDD, SDD does not strong enough.

                                                            ii.      Safely and automatically disconnect and push out HDD by D-Pot cover opened.

                                                          iii.      Safety 3 - State indicator LED display the state of HDD

                                                          iv.      State indicator LED of D-Pot is displayed state of HDD (Power, Read & Write), user can constantly aware the processes and safe HDD/SDD movement.

3.       Connecting Drive


4.       Removing Drive


Headphone Amplifier

Dynamic and Powerful sound

Easy to use interface for Volume control and mute

1.       More Powerful and Dynamic

a.       When listen to music, watching movie and playing game to enhance the output of the lack of a audio chip’s output in a more powerful and dynamic sound experience with headphones or headsets.

2.       Digital Volume Control

a.       Using switch to digital volume instead of Variable resistor for Minimize the failure

b.      Total of 16 discrete steps per 3dB, the volume control range is from -33dB to +12dB with

c.       Supply convenient Mute function


Combo Drive bay

The tray totally new way of combo bays

Compatible with 3.5” and 2.5” drives

1.       3.4” Drive Max 4 each or 2.5 Drive Max 8 Each

a.       Easy to put on and take off the handscrews


2.       Semi-Open type drive bay can reduce temparture and increase durability of the drive


3.       Apply anti-vibration damper to suppress the vibration of the HDD


4.       Tighten the Tapping screws located outside of bottom to prevent damage to HDD drive bay when moving or delivering assembled PC using parcel service


Direct Cooling

The AXIOM Pro adopted ideal heat radiating design RTX(Reverse Technology Extended) type structure. It helps to maintain optimal cooling performance because of intake fresh filtered air is directly pumped to VGA and CPU without the need for mechanical interference.

1.       Why use the RTX-Type Structure?

a.       HP and LG etc. are adopted an Ideal heat radiating structure that applying the principle of hot air rising over the structure. Severe hot air of Graphic card and CPU exhaust to the outside is an ideal way to heat radiation design.


2.       Direct Cooling

a.       Helps to maintain optimal cooling performance because of intake fresh filtered air is directly pumped to severe components without the need for mechanical interference.


3.       Prevent Errors when working with game and maintain good performance because dust does not stick on coolers of graphic card and CPU.


Variety of practical features of Axiom Pro

1.       Fan Controller

a.       For user convenience S-Mode for working with high-end games and programs, L-Mode for working light program such as watching movie and listen to music


2.       Support USB 3.0

a.       Support internal type of super speed: USB 3.0 and Hi speed: USB 2.0


3.       Cover of water cooling hole

a.       Cover type of water cooling hole

b.      2 ea water cooling holes equipped individual cover when not in use as a dust coer can prevent dust from the outside


4.       User-Friendly features


5.       Extendibility

a.       Max Height 162mm for CPU cooler and Max length 370mm for VGA installation


Thank you to S2 Innovation for the use of their pictures.


















ATX & microATX





2.5"- MAX 8


3.5" - MAX 4


5.25" - 1



2.5" & 3.5" - 1

Hot Plug Drive Bay

Exp. Card Slot

7 Slot


Fan Control

2 Mode - Standard, Low



120mm * 2



120mm * 1

I/O Port

USB 3.0

2 Port


USB 2.0

2 Port


Audio Out

1 Port

Headphone Driver


Microphone Input

1 Port


CPU Cooler

Max Height




Max Length




193 mm

7.6 Inch


490 mm

19.3 Inch


546 mm

21.5 Inch


Net Weight



Gross Weight








Closer Look at the Outside

second look

The Axiom Pro has a beautiful matte black finish. I love the turbine on the front. For a case this size, the Axiom Pro is light. Being a former amateur power lifter, I never gave case weight much thought before. Now that I've been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, such things garner much more consideration. Though light, the Axiom is sturdy. The sides of the case are pretty much uniform. There were no blemishes or paint bubbles that I could find.

Front half up close

front half bottom

 While functional, they conjure up images of jet engines. Vroom. Vroom. That ignites a kid-like passion for coolness in me. Again, these aren't just for show. They're supposed to help trap dust and debris before they enter your PC and clock up the works. 

Trays pulled out

closer inmage

Under the turbines, the dust traps pull out for easy cleaning.



back of the case


The back of the case further illustrates the wonderful paint job and show cases the RTX form factor with the power supply slot on the bottom of the case and expansion slots and cooling tube holes with rubber grommets on top. 


back fan qc


The coolant tube hole plugs and the fan grille speak volumes toward the quality of this case. The plugs aren't just cheap rubber with a star-shaped cutout in the center. The engineers at S2Innovation actually put thought into them. The grille is superbly finished, not just bare metal.



birds eye view


At a bird's eye view, the Axiom looks sleek and shiny like an expensive sports car.




This is the central design hub on the Axiom.



usb 3


The right cares the power button, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports.




On the left we see the reset switch and the headphone amplifier.


fan controller


The Axiom logo sits atop a mesh grill from improved airflow. Top right of the picture shows the fan controller.




The glossy finish of the D-Pot bay stands out from the matte of the rest of the case. 


inside dpt


But on the inside it houses a lovely secret: a hot-swappable Sata port. Though it only officially supports 3.5" drives, you should be able to plug in a 2.5 as well. 

Just as much thought went into the bottom of the case. 


bottom feet


Here we see the nonslip rubber foot. And it really means nonslip. When pulling this off the desk to reposition it, the entire desk would pull forward with it. Toward the right of the picture there are screw holes for securing the drive bays. More on that later.


The inside of shows the forward thinking of S2Innovations.




The motherboard try is painted in much the same way as the rest of the case.

I must say many of the cases I've reviewed over the years, even ones that I loved, often left the inside with bare metal finish. Not S2Innovation. This is an astounding motherboard from top to bottom in that respect.



The usual assortment of front panel connections. No. Wait. They've managed to include a USB 3.0 connection. Back when I was reviewing cases all the time, I would have fought over the rights to review a case with one of these.




Some motherboard standoffs have been pre-installed. While others will need to be installed for larger ATX motherboards.


optical drive bay


There is only one 5.25 drive bay. With the changing state of digital media, this is no longer the sin it once would have been. With the ubiquitous adoption of media downloads and online only content, optical drives are possibly seeing their final days. As is, there shouldn't be much of an issue for a standard setup with only one dvdrw or blu-ray drive.  I have a X-Fi Platinum from Creative. I was forced to choose between the breakout box or a DVDRW. I chose the burner. 




The reason the Axiom only sports one 5.25" bay is the twin turbine fans/dust trap system. If it works as advertised, it will help keep your system clean by stopping the dust and debris in the chambers here.

Here are a few pictures with the fan and filter removed. 

Underneath the fan in the second picture are the innovative drive bays for 3.5" and 2.5" drives. 




 The slots have easy to remove thumb screws with a plastic grip.





 PSU Port.

Top case grille.

Standard expansion slots.                                                          Special lattice for cable management.

Build Photos




 Installation was a breeze on the Axiom, though not without it's share of quirks. Like I said before the Axiom Pro only has one 5.25" drive bay. The cable management lattice provides handy spot to route your cables through, but I did have a bit of a problem with the AXP modular power supply in my test rig and the drive bay.  The cables on the AXP are sleeved and very stiff near the base. Though I was able to route them away, it took a bit of work. 

I was not able to accomplish anything like this


Thank you Playwares


 The motherboard lined up with the standoffs nicely.




I brought out the longest video card I could find and the Axiom fit it with room to spare. 




 Even the largest of peripherals will find the Axiom comfy.






Installing hard drives is as simple as removing he special bay, align the screw holes and have it. Once complete, place back and use the thumb screw to tighten it down. 

If you plan to transport the case, S2Innovation recommends tightening down further by placing screws in the bottom mounting holes as well.


opticals drives


Installing the DVD-RW was just as simple as sliding it into place after removing the bay cover.




At first glance it appears that tightening it will be a nightmare, but Axiom thoughtfully included nice ports on the sides.



The Axiom Pro is a remarkable case. The engineers at S2Innovation wanted to create a case that stood out for it's creativity and innovation and they did.

While I haven't had the Axiom long enough to truly put the S-Filter through its paces, I admit it does trap dust and debris. If you want to see what it's truly capable of, what this video.

The D-Pot Sata Hot-Swappable drive bay is an incredible add on. Most external enclosures are going to run you $30 or more. After two days of use with a 1TB Seagate Barracuda, I was pleased with the performance and reliability.

The Headphone Amplifier also performed as excpected. The sound was amplified without noticeable noise introduced.

With a closed system like the Axiom, you could expect a decrease in overall cooling efficiency from standard systems, but I did not find that to be the case. CPU temps were never more than a degree off what they normally read in an open air test.

Expansion slots line up perfectly with the motherboard. The case easily accommodates the largest peripherals. Chances are that if it won't fit, the design flaw is with the peripheral maker, not the Axiom.



With all of this taken into account with the build quality, the Axiom is worth a look for anyone wanting to protect their precious components clean. I've reviewed a lot of cases and this has to be in my top three favorites, if not my favorite. 

I can't wait to see what S2Innovation has up their sleeves in the future.

I give the Axiom  our Editor's Choice Award