Silverstone SUGO SG08 mini-ITX Case

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Silverstone SG08Yes, Silverstone has cases like the SG05 (SG06) but they can only support a GPU up to nine inches. And you also have the SG07, which can house much longer cards. But Silverstone isn’t one to leave customers without options. Their newest SFF casing is called the SG08. The SG08 can support a GPU up to 12.2 inches long which would include the Nvidia GTX 580. And there is no need to look for a power supply as the SG08 comes with a 600 watt power unit.

Introduction to the Silverstone SUGO SG08 ITX Case

Silverstone has being at the small form factor business for some time. You can’t have a conversation about SFF builds without mentioned them. I personally have built numerous systems with their small size case as they are easier to work with than some of the others. And the quality of build is top in class. Granted most of these systems have been small personal computers for people or some sort of HTPC. Yes, they look great in the family room. But what if you are a gamer and want a small rig for LAN transporting. That is the subject of our next review.

Yes, Silverstone has cases like the SG05 (SG06) but they can only support a GPU up to nine inches. And you also have the SG07, which can house much longer cards. But Silverstone isn’t one to leave customers without options. Their newest SFF casing is called the SG08. The SG08 can support a GPU up to 12.2 inches long which would include the Nvidia GTX 580. And there is no need to look for a power supply as the SG08 comes with a 600 watt power unit.

Silverstone’s take on the SG08

To further increase the appeal of the groundbreaking Sugo SG07, SilverStone engineers crafted a follow-up version in the SG08. For the first time in a SilverStone product and likely also the first for Mini-ITX, a 1cm (0.4 inch) thick extruded aluminum was used to adorn the front panel of a chassis. Finished with fine brush surface and anodized, the SG08’s front panel rivals the best home theater equipment in quality and style. The award winning and proven features from the SG07 remain such as the Air Penetrator AP181 fan with dual speed switch, easily removable fan filter, positive pressure layout, and the included 80 PLUS Bronze certified 600W power supply. While compact in size at only 14.8 liters, the SG08 is still capable of accepting a healthy selection of full size components. Even the longest consumer graphics cards that are up to 12.2 inches can fit. This extraordinary capacity, along with the cooling power provided by the built-in AP181 fan, makes the SG08, along with SG07, the ultimate Mini-ITX chassis.


Model No.






10mm aluminum front panel, SECC body





Drive Bay


Slim optical x 1



3.5” x 1 , 2.5”x 2

Cooling System






VGA fan duct with oversized vents


180mm Air Penetrator 700/1200rpm, 18/34dBA


PSU intake vents and VGA exhaust divider



Expansion Slot


Front I/O Port

USB3.0 x 2
Audio x 1
MIC x 1

Power Supply

Custom 600W with 80 PLUS Bronze certification and single +12V rail

Operating system support


Expansion Card

Support expansion cards up to 12.2 inches

Limitation of CPU cooler


Limitation of PSU


Net Weight

6 kg


222 mm (w) x 190 mm (h) x 351 mm (d)





AMD Radeon HD 5970 – 12.2 "
AMD Radeon HD 6970 – 11”
AMD Radeon HD 6950 – 11”
AMD Radeon HD 5870 – 11”
AMD Radeon HD 6870 – 10.5”
NVidia Geforce GTX580 – 10.5”
NVidia Geforce GTX480 – 10.5”
AMD Radeon HD 5850 – 9.5”
NVidia Geforce GTX470 – 9.5”
AMD Radeon HD 6850 – 9”


Model No.


Max. DC Output


Load Range































Range (%)




















combined +3.3, +5V


combined +12V

46A / 552W

Input Voltage

90V ~ 265V(Auto Range)

Input Frequency Range

47Hz ~ 63Hz


Active PFC (PF>0.95 at full load)


82%~85% at 20%~100% loading


100,000 hours at 25°C, full load

Operating temperature

10°C ~ 50°C


Over Current Protection
Over power Protection
Over Voltage Protection
Under Voltage Protection
Short Circuit Protection


1 x 24 / 20-Pin Motherboard connector (670mm)
1 x 8 / 4-Pin EPS / ATX 12V connector (670mm)
1 x 8/6-Pin PCIE connector (360mm)
1 x 8/6-Pin PCIE connector (380mm)
3 x SATA connector (350mm + 130mm + 150mm)
2 x 4-Pin Peripheral connector (350mm + 100mm)


Black (Lead-Free Paint)

Cooling System

Single 120mm fan

Noise Level

17 dBA - 30dBA


150 mm (W) x 86 mm (H) x 140 mm (D)



Form factor



80 PLUS Bronze


GPU Support list


  • Thick 10mm aluminum front panel with premium styling
  • Class leading SFF chassis with 180mm fan and positive pressure cooling
  • Ample space for CPU cooling (117mm in height)
  • Elevated standoff for motherboard back side components
  • Support for two 2.5” SSD/hard drives and one 3.5” hard drive
  • Includes 80 PLUS Bronze certified 600W@50℃ PSU with single +12V rail
  • Adjustable VGA fan duct for improved cooling efficiency
  • Removable fan filters included for case fan, PSU, and VGA duct
  • Support graphics cards up to 12.2 inches and 400W

Closer look at the inside

The Silverstone SG08 has a very subtle look about itself. One that many cannot truly say they dislike. Made of brushed aluminum there isn’t anything really there. Looking at the front all there is are a single slim optical drive opening, dual USB 3.0 ports and audio jacks. The lower portion had the Silverstone logo and the power button.

And because there is not a lot of room for individual fans in such a case, Silverstone aligned both sides of the case with vented openings. The right side having more venting surface due to the fact this is the side the GPU would sit. And trust me there is no room for a fan in the side panel after installation.

The top of the SG08 has a large vented opening for the 180mm AP181 cooling fan. More on that later.

Looking at the rear of the case you can see this is meant to be an ITX only case as there are only two expansion slots. The SUGO SG08 has its own PSU so an adapter is used to port a plug to the rear of the case. Next to the power plug is a reset switch. On the far left is a small toggle switch to control the lone internal fan.

Underneath the case you can see the enclosure sits on four rubber feet. The large dust filter you see is the vent area for the power supply. And there is another vented area for the graphic cards.


Closer look at the outside

Just like the external the interior is also black. Besides the color the thing that stands out about the interior is the space. Or the lack of. When dealing with ITX enclosures spacing is always handicapped but this is just a small issue for those looking to build such a system.

Removing the one piece outer shell the first thing you are greeted by is a huge 180mm AP181 cooling fan. The fan rotates between 700 and 1200 PM. The fan is covered by a dust filter. And within this range the noise level reaches 18 to 34 dBA. This fan along with the other aspects of the case helps in positive pressure keeping most of the interior cool.

Removing the fan gives you full access to the motherboard tray which the MB stand-offs are already installed for your convenience.

Forward of the MB tray is everything else that makes up a PC case. The top layer is the optical drive tray. Remember this case only supports slim drive which Silverstone offers a couple.

Removing the optical drive tray you have access to the HDD cage. This simple small bay can house a total of one 3.5” HDD and two smaller 2.5” drives. Yellow rubber grommets help to keep vibration at a minimum when the system is fully built.

We removed the power supply from the case to give you a better view. The PSU is a single 12v rail unit providing 600 watts. Silverstone advertise the unit as enough to power cards as big as the Nvidia GTX 580. The cables of the PSU are all sleeved but are pretty long for the case. And to power the GPU two 6/2 PCIe power plugs are attached.

Build Images

Here we have an ASUS motherboard based on the H67 chipset in place. The size of the MB is a great indication of just how much room is in the SG08.

Your choice of CPU cooling is very limited. The maximum size cooler that can be used is slightly larger than the stock OEM cooler that comes with your processor. With the stock cooler we found that we had about another inch of clearance. Tower coolers are out of the question.

Before you can do much more you have to install your GPU at this moment. The combination of GPU, PSU and cabling makes cable management impossible. In our experiences with the SG08 and large video cards we found out it was better to insert the GPU from the top of the case and not the side. The combination of reset and power plug interfered with the installation of the GPU.

After the GPU is installed we place back the HDD cage and the optical drive rack. Right angle SATA cable is a must when installing the optical drive as the back of the drive and the fan housing come close to one another.


There were several reasons why we loved the Silverstone SG08. Obviously, the first was the fact that it has to the room to house some of today’s longest and powerful video cards. We stuck a Radeon HD 6970 in our build, but more powerful cards like the Nvidia GTX 580 is have no problem sitting comfortably in the SG08.

The cooling situation is not bad even if the case only has one fan which is the AP181 180mm cooling fan. But this is only if you are not overclocking the CPU or GPU. And if you are building an Intel system and using the latest components chances are you will be using a H61/H67 chipset which has almost no overclocking abilities at all. The idea of using a solid state drive is ideal in a case like this because there is no cooling for the front of the case.

The SG08 comes with a power supply that is more than capable of supporting any GPU and other components you throw in it. We found that it was more than enough for the Radeon HD 6970, two mechanical drives, SSD and optical drive we put in. We believe Silverstone should have shortened the cables some to not take up so much room in the case.

Along with the above there are plenty of other reasons to like the SG08 like the aluminum build, the subtle looks and the quality. All of which are a plus in our book.

The last negative with the SG08 is the fact you are very limited with CPU cooling. The stock OEM coolers are no problem in this case but anything bigger are impossible to use.

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