Silverstone Temjin TJ-04E PC Tower

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Silverstone TJ-04EThe TJ04E from the outside does look a little simplistic but that is part of the elegant sleek look that we have seen not only from Silverstone but other manufacturers as well. The thick aluminum front panel and completely square corners is just part of it. There is the addition of 2.5” and 3.5” drive capacity increase which is unreal for a mid-tower. And users of longer video cards will not have to remove HDD cages like in many of the other cases on the market. So, you can have your file server and gaming rig all in one case.

Introduction Silverstone Temjin TJ-04E PC Tower

We at Pro-Clockers love the opportunity to review a new product from Silverstone. And especially when that product is from the Temjin family which we here have titled it the elegant series. Granted that today's item is only the second of the family we have reviewed but we appreciate the opportunity nonetheless.  The Temjin family is comprised of cases ranging in size from mATX to full ATX, Silverstone realized that different people want different size towers but they do have one thing in common and that is elegance.

Our sample today is the TJ-04E which is more than just a re-visit of an older model case. Yes, there is an older version of this case called the TJ-04 that Silverstone produced almost ten years ago. They decided to take one their better selling cases and add some unique touches to. The unique features may not be totally visual from the outside the case but they are there.

The TJ04E from the outside does look a little simplistic but that is part of the elegant sleek look that we have seen not only from Silverstone but other manufacturers as well. The thick aluminum front panel and completely square corners is just part of it. There is the addition of 2.5” and 3.5” drive capacity increase which is unreal for a mid-tower. And users of longer video cards will not have to remove HDD cages like in many of the other cases on the market. So, you can have your file server and gaming rig all in one case.

Silverstone’s take on the TJ-04E

Introduced in 2004, the TJ04 has been a main stable of SilverStone’s prestigious Temjin series of tower chassis. Its excellent original design needed only a few minor tweaks and improvements over the years to keep up with the demands of modern PC hardware. An important equation in keeping the TJ04 a popular choice among system builders was its understated and classic styling. So in designing the TJ04-E (Evolution), SilverStone engineers kept the exterior styling largely unchanged while vastly improving the internals.

The power supply is now bottom-mounted with the ability to accommodate up to four 5.25” drives, nine 3.5” hard drives and six SSDs, raising the bar significantly for storage capacity in a mid tower format. In addition to increased storage capacity, the TJ04-E can also install cards up to 17 inches without the need to remove any hard drive cage, a feat usually accomplished in full towers. To make sure the myriad of component can operate effectively, the TJ04-E includes a custom cooling solution to reduce hard drive temperatures and two custom cables with built-in capacitors to facilitate cable management and improve drive stability.

To finish up TJ04-E’s already impressive layout efficiency, design details borrowed from other great SilverStone products such as positive pressure and quick removable filters will enable users to easily maintain consistently high performance for years to come. So it is possible that TJ04-E, like its predecessor, will again be able to outlast many generations of PC builds.


Model No.

SST-TJ04B-E (Black)

SST-TJ04B-EW (Black + Window)




Aluminum front panel, steel body


SSI-CEB, ATX (up to 12” x 10.9”), Micro-ATX



Drive Bay


5.25" x 4



3.5" x 9 (optional 3.5” x 8 + 2.5” x 1), 2.5” x 6

Cooling System




1 x 120mm exhaust fan, 1200rpm, 21dBA


Right:1 x 120mm intake fan, 1200rpm, 21dBA
Right:1 x 120mm fan slot (optional)


1 x 120mm intake fan, 1200rpm, 21dBA
1 x 120mm / 140mm fan slot (optional)


1 x 120mm fan slot (optional)



Expansion Slot


Front I/O Port

USB3.0 x 2 (backward compatible with USB2.0)
audio x 1
MIC x 1

Power Supply

Standard PS2(ATX) *1

Operating system support


Expansion Card

Compatible up to 17 inches in length *

Limitation of CPU cooler


Limitation of PSU


Net Weight







  • Positive pressure design for effective dust reduction
  • Support eight expansion slots and extra long graphic cards up to 17 inches
  • Classically styled 7mm thick aluminum front panel
  • Quick access and removal for fan filters
  • Smart backside cable routing design
  • Motherboard back plate opening for quick CPU cooler assembly
  • Support up to nine 3.5” hard drives and multiple 2.5” drive slots
  • Built-in innovative hard drive cooler
  • Includes two custom SATA cable for improved cable management

Closer look at the exterior

If you are a regular reader of this website, you probably have heard us often talk about our love for sleek cases like the TJ-04E we are about to review here today. We will say it again as there is no substitute from the sense of style that comes with owning a case like this. We are not downplaying the looks of the so-called gaming cases but cases like this one can serve as a gaming chassis or a case used for the professional.

For those that is wandering the E in the title of the name stands for ‘Evolution” and that is just what this case has gone through. But before we get into the evolution of the TJ-04. The case is a perfect square as it measures 19” tall and deep. This makes it one of the shortest cases we have tested in some time. And because of the mixture of SECC metal and thick aluminum the case weighs 21 lbs empty. The TJ-04E only comes in black and available with or without a windowed side panel.

The front of the TJ-04E is a little more special than the rest of the tower as it is the one panel that is made of the thick aluminum we have been begging about. The fascia is pretty subtle any which way you look at it. But that was the appeal of the original TJ-04 and the new model closely follows.

To keep the case as sleek as it is Silverstone did not load the front down with all kinds of features and looks we see in many cases. All the front consist of is four 5.25” optical bays and a power and reset combo. Along with the Silverstone logo that is all you get in the first of this case.

We were lucky enough to receive the model with the see-thru left side panel. Shaped in a perfect rectangle, you will be able to see pretty everything in the rig except for what sits in the 5.25” bays.

The right side panel is far from the boring right panels we are accustom to seeing. In the case of the TJ-04E there is a panel that can be removed to show the location of two possible fans. Silverstone includes one of these fans. The panel itself is just a dust cover for the fans. The location is made to fit two 120mm fans.

The top of the case consist of another vent panel that once again can be removed to show the location for two more fans and once again one is included. And again it is a 120mm cooling unit. Just forward of that is the I/O area which consists of two USB 3.0 and dual audio jacks.

The rear of the case is about as vented as you can get. Not only are the expansion covers vented but the couple of other areas are as well. There are a set of holes for water-cooling tubing and a 120mm cooling fan.

The bottom of the TJ-04E has a pair of rubber boots to stabilize it on the floor or whatever surfaces you so choose. The longer dust panel you see is for the power supply and the other is for a 120mm cooling fan if you decide to install one.

Closer look at the interior

Opening the TJ-04E, you see the first thing that is gone from the original is everything. New to the case is an all black interior and no more of the steel look that was the norm back in the early 2000s. The new case is so much better arranged. But before we get into the arrangement we have to tell you that the new TJ-04E can house video cards up to 12.2” long without having to remove any part of the HDD cage.

Some common features to today’s cases were added to the motherboard tray of the case like the CPU cut-out and inlets for routing cables to the back of the motherboard tray.

The case will accommodate four 5.25” devices with the help of a set of plastic brackets. The bracket simply lifts up and once drive is place back down again.

The HDD support in the TJ-04E is incredible and well beyond what any other case of this size has to offer. First there is a HDD cage near the front of the case that can be removed for easier HDD installation. The cage itself can house eight drives and one more underneath the cage with an additional six 2.5” drives in a separate cage. This smaller HDD cage can be inserted in the larger one to additional space at the bottom of case for other things.

Beside the vertical HDD cage on the right side panel is that single fan we mentioned. That blows right in the direction of thee HDD cage for additional cooling. This works hand and hand when the heat sink attached to the side of the HDD cage when installed. More on the heat sinks later. But according to Silverstone the combination of fan, heat sinks and design of the case keeps mechanical drive around the 42 degree level, well within operating temp.

With the bottom 2.5” drive cage in place the TJ-04E can support power supplies up to 7” long. There is also room for an additional fan in the bottom of the case.

Build images

The installation of the HDDs is probably the oddest thing about building a system in this case. The hard drives are installed in the cage upside down.

Once the hard drives are all installed in the cage, the heat sinks then can be attached. Only thing here is that this is no installation like what we see with other cases.

The included SATA cable makes everything look good.

There is plenty of room between the top of the case and the CPU heat sink.


We all know Silverstone for taking risk when it comes to design of the exterior of their cases just look at the Raven and Fortress series for example. But you cannot call it a risk when they decide to change up the interior of the same cases. The changes of the inside of their cases are all for functional reasons and it has so far worked. One of the most dramatic changes we have seen from them would be the rotation of the motherboard tray in many of their cases. In our testing we found this to be ideal when it came to cooling of the entire area of the motherboard and everything connected to it.

When it came to the new and updated TJ04-E, the placement of the hard drives and the way they are being cool is what makes this case different from anything else on the market. Silverstone was able to make the TJ04-E the only case of its size to be able to hold a total of fifteen hard drives and SSD drives. And with the hard drives being active and passive cooled. We talked about the cooling of HD drives with SilverStone just prior to us receiving the case as we wanted to know more about the cooling.  We were told that temps were around 42 degrees or less during in-house testing. Our test they ran between 37 and 40 degrees. Not bad.

One thing we loved about this case is that you did not have to gut it out to use large wattage power supplies or long video cards. Often there is a need to remove a HDD cage or two in order to run video cards like the Radeon HD 5970 or Nvidia GTX 590. Not the case here with the TJ04-E.

The looks of the Silverstone TJ04-E is another reason to get excited about. If you are one that is in the market for a case that is subtle, simplistic and elegant all at the same time this is the ticket. The case uses a single thick sheet of 7mm aluminum to curve out the front fascia and the rest is metal. All the lines are straight and no curves adds to its sweetness.

The TJ04-E can be had online for about $150. We call this a fair price but if you want to save a few dollars you can opt for the KL-04 which cost about $110 but has a plastic front panel and has the same interior design.

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