In Win H Frame Mini Chassis Review

Posted by Heath Coop on Monday, May 26, 2014 - 12:03pm

In Win H Frame Mini 


Back in 2012, In Win released the X Frame Limited Edition aluminum test bench style chassis. It took the computer building community by storm and I was completely awe struck. In Win was not sitting it their hands though, within months, they also released the H Frame. Perhaps one of the most unique chassis ever made, it featured a stacked aluminum plate open air design. It set my imagination soaring. Since that original release, In Win has released two siblings to the H Frame, the H Frame King Sized and the H Frame Mini. It is the H Frame Mini that we will be looking at today.

The In Win H Frame Mini is very much like the H frame's sibling. It features similar stacked aluminum plate open air construction. It has an optional temper glass side panel like just it's the other H Frames. Even two toned anodized appearance is there as well. The Mini however has three distinct differences; it is a fanless design, it's appearance is more subdued, and it is an ITX form factor. This much smaller form factor could allow it to be used in places the other two H Frame's cannot, such as in a small office or a home theater application.

In Win's Take on the H Frame Mini

With its shiny appearance and innovative frame with R-curve design, the H-Frame Mini redefines the Mini-ITX chassis. In Win uses the laser-cut aluminum plates to create a solid structure on this case. The aluminum side panel and tempered glass side panel accommodate many different types of builds. This compact case comes with a 180W power supply, and supports one low profile card, one slim ODD, two 2.5" HDDs, and a Core i5/i7 processor (CPU power 65W or lower). The cooling, even without a fan, is no problem thanks to its open-air design. In addition, the H-Frame Mini gives you the flexibility to place it in either a tower (vertical) or desktop (horizontal) position.

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