Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 5 Case Review: Page 7 of 7

Posted by Damon Bailey on Tuesday, May 9, 2017 - 8:00am

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Cooler Master’s MasterBox Lite 5 sets the bar so high for mainstream cases, we almost have to wish everyone else luck. It isn’t really obvious from the specifications or packaging the front panel is actually transparent, but for any lighting aficionados, it’s going to be a welcome surprise. If you like to stay low-key, it looks pretty much opaque albeit very glossy and reflective without backlighting. The clear side panel provides a great view of anything you want seen in the main chamber of the case, but ample room behind the motherboard tray and the basement of the case provide plenty of room to hide anything you don’t want seen.

Overall build quality is great as usual from Cooler Master and it’s pretty hard to believe you get this level of a case out of a $45 MSRP. The plastic front and side panel are super magnets for dust and fingerprints, which also scuff and scratch fairly easily being plastic.  You’ll want to keep a microfiber handy if you want to show off your new build when your friends stop by. The interchangeable trims will be a welcome addition to any builder who is getting burnt out on the black and red color scheme. The high level of options should give most builders anything they need. We do wish the lower drive tray set was removeable for those with larger power supplies or someone wanting to use that space for something like mounting a pump. My only other gripe is very minor and won’t affect most people is I would love to have seen a 2nd SSD tray for the main chamber.

If you are in the market for a great looking case and don’t want to have to compromise on your components inside just to fund the case they are going in, you’ll be very hard pressed to find any better than this at this price point. Great Job Cooler Master!



  • Price
  • Interchangeable Trim
  • High Internal Visibility
  • Cooler Master Quality


  • Attracts Dust and Fingerprints
  • Only One SSD Mounting Tray

Best Value