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Posted by Dustin Richardson on Monday, June 25, 2018 - 8:00am

Features & Specifications



  • Style
    • Aesthetic diamond cut design that extends from the front panel to the side panel that shows a unique effect for your system.
  • Side Panel
    • Edge to edge transparent side panel
      • Diamond cut design extends to this panel which allows you to see the unique designs from led fans and internal case lighting
  • Cable Cover
    • An additional cable cover allows you to take cable managing up a notch.  Gives your system a professional look
  • Versatile cooling options
    • Has plenty of options to cool your system all while ensuring you do not have to compromise on performance (more detail in specifications)



  • Available colors
    • Black
  • Dimensions (LxWxH)     
    • 493 x 217 x 468 mm (19.40 x 8.54 x 18.43 in)
  • Motherboard support
    • ATX (up to 272mm width, 10.71 in)
  • Expansion slots
    • 7
  • 5.25” drive bays
    • O
  • 3.25” drive bay (HDD)
    • 2 (max 2)
  • 2.5” drive bays
    • 4 (max 6)
  • I/O Panel
    • USB 3.0 x 2
    • Audio in / out
  • Pre-installed fans
    • Rear 120mm Black Fan x 1
  • Fan support
    • Front: 120mm x 3 / 140mm x 2
    • Top: 120/140mm x 2
    • Rear: 120mm x 1
  • Radiator support
    • Front: 120/140/240/280/360mm
    • Rear: 120mm
    • Top: 120/240mm
  • Clearances
    • CPU cooler: 166mm, 6.53in
    • PSU: 190mm, 7.48in
    • GPU: 407mm, 16.02in
  • Cable routing
    • Behind Motherboard Tray 19mm, .75in
  • Dust Filters
    • Front
    • Top
    • Bottom
  • Power Supply support
    • Bottom mount ATX


No matter whether you plan to air cool, AIO cool, or custom water-cool your system, the Cooler Master MasterBox TD500L has plenty of space and features to support whichever method you choose. Being that it can fit GPUs of up to 16 inches in length, you can use cards that have massive air coolers on them, which has been a popular (and effective) GPU cooling trend that doesn't show any signs of changing.  If you plan to water-cool, the case has an abundance of space to fill with a decent amount of hardware. It can fit up to a 360-mm radiator in the front as well as a 240mm or 280mm at the top.  That is plenty of radiator space to tame a high-power CPU as well as dual graphics card configurations.  And of course, AIOs are similar too custom watercooling, but without the added bulk of the pump or reservoir, so if you go this route, the case leaves you plenty of interior space, for... you know... activities.

All in all, it is an extremely thought out and balanced platform designed for builds of all calibers as well as systems of all types.  Where performance meets aesthetics while not breaking the bank. 


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