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Posted by Dustin Richardson on Monday, June 25, 2018 - 8:00am

Final Thoughts & Conclusion


Cooler Master MasterBox TD500L

In an age of tempered glass and ‘RGB all the things’, Cooler Master decided to release this case.  This case has neither by the way, but they do sell one with some RGB fans for about $75.  We don’t mind this case coming the way it does. They are sending you a shell to do with as you please. A blank canvas.  We prefer it this way. Instead of tempered glass, we get some 3 dimensionally shaped smoked acrylic. 

This case is simple, clean and very much functional.  It offers more than enough for people to be able to play around with and not get bored.  Since some people like us don’t necessarily like everything RGB, we are glad that it doesn’t come with RGB fans.  Some people wouldn’t use them so they would take them out to use wanted anyway so that’s nice. We would say that the case would be extremely easy for anyone to build in. We could talk on and on and on about this case, but that’s not what the case wants.  It wants to look unique and be sleek all at the same time. It accomplishes this mission. 

The only thing this case is lacking is some aftermarket cables and better cable management….so I guess the only issue with this case is me.  Finally, I'd like to thank Cooler Master for sending us the MasterBox TD500L, it is an awesome case!

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