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Posted by James Keir on Thursday, January 3, 2019 - 8:00am

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Cooler Master SL600M

Cooler Master’s SL600M is truly the perfect mid-tower case for someone that is looking for something unique and doesn’t want all that RGB flair. I personally think the SL600M strikes the perfect balance between style and function and as its tagline suggests, it is great for work or play. The exterior of the case looks amazing with its sandblasted aluminum body and tinted tempered glass panel that would look great in your man cave or office.

Building in the SL600M was effortless to achieve a clean build and really felt more like a full tower case than a mid-tower. Throughout my build, there was plenty of room to maneuver and even though I did a simple air-cooled build, there is plenty of space for a full custom loop. The SL600M has plenty of cable management options such as tie-downs, grommets and cable cutouts which all helped keep my build tidy. Even with my bulky EVGA stock cables, I was able to re-attach the back-steel panel with ease and didn’t need to squeeze it back on like I have had to do with other cases.

I really liked that Cooler Master decided to change it up and go for a bottom to top airflow layout. Not only do I like how it looks by opening up the bottom of the case, but it also helps keep the system extremely quiet. The new PSU location makes it easy to add additional cables even after it’s installed and if you choose to show it off all you have to do is remove the PSU shroud. My only complaint about the SL600M is the absence of a PSU power switch at the back. This really is a minor issue and is something i hope they will consider in the next revision of this case.

Overall, I was beyond impressed with the SL600M and it has been my favorite case to build in for 2018. It had all the features I’d expect in a great case and even some features like the sensor activated USB LEDs I didn’t know I needed. Whether you're looking for a case for the game room or workplace, I would definitely give the SL600M a look.

Amazing job Cooler Master!

Highly Recommended




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