Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-4 TG (Tempered Glass) Chassis Review: Page 4 of 6

Posted by Mark Taliaferro on Thursday, October 26, 2017 - 8:00am

Features & Specifications


Corsair SPEC-4 TG

The specifications chart shows pretty standard amenities for a mid tower and the Tempered Glass side at the $59 MSRP is really what sets this offering apart at this cost. The two rear-mounted 2 1/2 inch drive mounts are mentioned but the three 3 1/2 inch drive bays also have 2 1/2 inch drive slots so the total of hard points to mount 2 1/2 inch drives total 5. You will want to check specifications on any massive tower coolers and the clearance is 170mm so most modern air coolers should fit. We tossed a 1500w Silverstone PSU in the chassis but in all fairness, it is the smallest 1500w PSU made but you shouldn't have any issues with 225mm of PSU clearance. At 370mm length on graphics cards, we are using our EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC2 W/ICX dual fan card that rocks 269.2mm. Be aware there are cards out there that ring in at 525mm so check your clearances if you plan on a massive card in a mid-chassis.

Corsair SPEC-4 TG

Graphic Courtesy of Corsair

1. 1x 120mm fans included: Front 120mm LED fan provides excellent cooling. 
2. Front 120/140mm radiator mounts: With mounts for 2 x 120mm fans or 2 x 140mm fans, the front can support a 120/140mm, and with the HDD cage removed, up to 240mm.  
3. Top 120mm fan mounts: The top cover can house 2 x 120mm fans 
4. Up to 370mm clearance for GPUs, 170mm for CPU coolers, and 225mm for PSU: Room for any modern GPU, CPU cooler, and PSU. 
5. Two 2.5” SSD mounts and three 3.5” drive mounts: Easily add or remove 2.5” drives and 3.5” behind the motherboard tray without compromising storage or cooling. 
6. Easy Cable Management: Deep cable routing channel and numerous tie-down points make building a clean system quick and easy. 
7. Front I/O: Recessed front I/O includes: USB 3.0, USB 2.0, power/reset, and headphone/microphone jacks. 

Corsairs take on the Carbide Series Spec-04 TG

The Carbide Series SPEC-04 Tempered Glass combines an angular, hard-edged exterior style with the sophistication of a full tempered glass side panel and excellent cooling potential. The sleek, tempered glass window shows off the roomy interior, which fits up to five 120mm fans and can accommodate massive storage configurations for simple and easy builds. The side-mounted front IO panel and USB 3.0 port put all your connections within easy reach, while dedicated cable routing cutouts and tie downs, and built-in dust filters, combine for a system build that’s as bold as the SPEC-04’s design. 
Angular Exterior Design With Tempered Glass Window: The asymmetrical, hard-edged design adds bold styling to your build, while the huge tempered glass window adds sophistication. 
Room Up To For Five 120mm Fans: Tons of room for excellent cooling potential with one 120mm red LED front fan pre-installed. 
Expansive Storage Space: Easy-to-use mounts for up to three HDD’s and two SDD’s 

Clean, Side IO Panel: Featuring a high-speed USB 3.0 port and additional ports for all modern connections.
Cable Routing Cutouts And Tie Downs: Hide your cables behind the motherboard tray to keep your build looking tidy and out of the airflow path for improved cooling.
Removable, Built-in Dust Filters: 
Added layer of protection will keep your components safe and running longer.