Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-4 TG (Tempered Glass) Chassis Review: Page 6 of 6

Posted by Mark Taliaferro on Thursday, October 26, 2017 - 8:00am

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Coming in at an MSRP of $59.99 at launch the Corsair Carbide Series Spec-04 TG offers a lot of features found on much more expensive chassis and a beautiful tempered glass window with a smokey color that makes the case pop out at you quickly. The wiring was quick and easy with more wiring access ports than we could count. The raised back panel makes wiring the back of the chassis a breeze and there's plenty of room to run wires and not bulge the side panel. The black set of screws that comes with the chassis are a welcome addition and unlike some we've seen are good solid screws and there were plenty of them. 

The inclusion of up to 240mm water cooling mounts was a pleasant surprise we quickly took advantage of but we do miss an optical drive bay. Optical drive bays might be going the way of the dinosaur so we might have to scare up an external optical drive setup or give into the USB flash drive data transfer method. In Mid-Tower chassis drive bays tend to take up a lot of room and clutter a chassis so it's hard to fault the decision to leave them off the Spec-04 TG.

Cooling slots allow for up to 5 fans and accommodations for two 140mm fans was a nice touch. Drop in a 240mm AIO water cooling solution and 3 fans you have excellent cooling on all fronts. Using a tower air cooler airflow is more than sufficient to whisk away heat. The 120mm LED fan Corsair included will help to cut cooling costs and fonding an LED fan of any quality in a chassis with a tempered glass side at this price is simply unheard of.

Corsair SPEC-4 TG

Considering we are for the most part died in the wool full tower users the mid-tower Spec04 TG really impressed us with its sharp aesthetics and eye-popping smoked tempered glass. A lot of thought and engineering went into the Corsair Carbide Series Spec-04 TG making it the best choice in low-cost high feature Mid-Tower Chassis we've seen in a very long time!

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