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Posted by Damon Bailey on Thursday, July 7, 2016 - 8:00am

Content and Packaging

The 303 arrived in a plain brown box with “In Win” in large black letters on a top flap, the distinctive In Win logo on one side and a blue and black “303” on the other.  The ends of the box are much more detailed and give a quick rundown of key specifications and features, as well as some indicators for the shipping carrier to warn of the fragile nature of the tempered glass contents. The box is fully taped up on every seam, so there is very little chance of the box accidently coming open during transport.

In Win 303

Opening the box up, we find that the case is well protected, fully wrapped in a black cloth bag to protect from dust, dirt and scratches, and the entire assembly is floating centered in the middle of the box. Custom Styrofoam supports on all 8 corners keep the case spaced away from the side of the box a good distance to prevent any bumps and bangs from causing damage to the case.

In Win 303

Inside the box, we also find a very nice, clear, reusable zipper style bag that contains the user manual and case hardware. Included is the screws for all of the drives you can possibly install, the standoffs and motherboard mounting screws, the GPU support bracket (more on that later), a small mountain of fan screws, in case your fans don’t come with them, and a handful of zip ties for cable management. All of the individual baggies are clearly labeled as to the contents and use of each type of hardware. The user manual has all of the information you need in several different languages to assemble and use this chassis.

In Win 303

Specifications and Features


Black, White

Case Type

Mid Tower

Case Material

SECC, Tempered Glass

M/B Compatibility

12" x 10.7" ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX

Expansion Slots

PCI-E x 7

Maximum Compatibility

VGA Card Length:350mm
CPU Heatsink Height :160mm

PSU: 200mm

Front Ports

2 x USB 3.0
2 x USB 2.0
HD Audio

Internal Drive Bays

2 x 3.5"
2 x 2.5"
Pre-installed (Max. up to 3 bays)

Thermal Solution Compatibility

1 x 120mm Rear Fan / 120mm Radiator
3 x 120mm Top Fan / 360mm Radiator
3 x 120mm Bottom Fan

Power Supply Compatibility

- Length up to 200mm

Product Dimension
(H x W x D)

500mm x 215mm x 480mm
19.6" x 8.4" x 18.8"

Package Dimension
(H x W x D)

335mm x 610mm x 572mm
13.1" x 24" x 22.5"

Net Weight

10.88kg / 24lb

Gross Weight

13.02kg / 28.7lb


The 303 boasts a surprisingly large list of features that set it apart from its competition, many of which cost quite a bit more.  We’ll go over our own list of highlights here and then look at them a bit closer over the next few pages.

  • A One Piece Tempered Glass Side Panel

Gone are the days where a simple steel side panel with plastic covered hole will please enthusiasts, In Win’s 303 features a striking, one piece 3mm thick tempered glass side as one of its most prominent features. Smooth rounded edges, a smoky tint and minimal viewing obstruction from the mounting mechanisms showcase nearly all of your build with an elegance plastic can only dream of.

In Win 303

  • Tool-less design

Both the Tempered glass left side panel with its easy, one touch handle, and the vented steel right side panel with its captive thumb screws can be removed quickly with no tools giving you quick and easy access to your internals.  The two 2.5” drive trays in the front, and the two 2.5”/3.5” combination drive trays in the rear of the case can also be easily removed with no tools allowing rapid installation or replacement of all of your drives.

  • GPU support bracket

Modern GPU’s are large and powerful devices that require sophisticated cooling solutions that often weigh a good deal. With all of the heat pipes, fans, and cooling fins required to keep them operating at a safe temperature, and liquid cooling solutions that can weigh even more, users often find themselves with a sagging video card.  With a GPU only being supported by the screws in one corner, this places an incredible amount of strain on the motherboard socket and PCI-e edge connector, and while a sagging GPU can not only look bad, it can cause irreversible damage to your hardware. In Win has thoughtfully included an adjustable GPU support mechanism into this case to transfer the strain of your GPU to the steel chassis and away from your components.

In Win 303

  • Lighted Front IO Panel

On the front of the case you can find In Win’s logo that lights up a bright neon blue, as well as a unique illuminated front IO Panel.  In Win dubs this their “lucent stripped I/O front panel” and the dual USB 2.0 ports, dual USB 3.0 type-A ports, and 3.5mm headphone and microphone ports are all outlined in the same LED lit neon blue as the logo. While beautiful, this is also functional and serves as the power indicator in place of a traditional single led.  The glow effect is noticeable in daylight, but the effect is really a star when the lights are dimmed.

  • Fan Filter

An easily removable and reusable fan filter is seamlessly integrated into the lower intake of the case to provide a dust free and worry free experience.

In Win 303

  • Dual bay design

A separate top chamber for your power supply and up to a 360mm radiator keeps a large amount of heat separated from your sensitive components below.

  • High Air flow

Up to 3x 120mm fan spaces in the bottom of the case, 3x 120mm fan spaces in the top chamber, and 1x 120mm fan on the rear of case provide the ability to move a massive amount of air through this chassis to provide extreme cooling. This thoughtful design works well with the natural tendency of warm air to rise and creates an efficient path for heat to quickly leave the case, keeping your components nice and cool.


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