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Posted by Damon Bailey on Thursday, July 7, 2016 - 8:00am

In Win 303

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

In Win clearly wanted to bring its well-known style and attention to detail down to a price point that most can afford, and I have to say, by and large, they squarely hit their mark with this one. The first impression while unboxing was in no way diminished as the review progressed while exploring and building in this chassis. Despite being listed as a ‘gaming chassis’ on In Win’s website, The clean exterior and tinted glass window make this case fit just as comfortably into other roles as an office PC case under an executives desk, a front counter point-of-sale terminal, or on a folding table at your local LAN party. The overall quality is there, and the case feels very sturdy and well designed. The chassis does not bend or flex at all while picking up and moving the chassis around, even when loaded with a complete water cooled system.

My only nitpick, and this is kind of a stretch as it is, is this: With ample room available inside for multi-GPU setups, and the overwhelming majority of users having 2 video cards at most, I would have loved to see In Win include a second support bracket with this case to cover the majority of possible configurations. The mounting locations are available, and the design would permit more than one bracket used at a time if needed.

Running the system for a little while, the coolant was running about 2 to 5 degrees Celsius warmer than ambient from idle to load respectively with the ThermalTake Riing 12 RGB fans set to their minimum speed, and the Corsair fans controlled automatically by the motherboard. CPU and GPU temps stayed nice and cool with the 360mm radiator, even with the 4690K running at 4.6 GHz and the GPU’s bumped +200Mhz Core and +300Mhz memory. I wasn’t pushing for maximum overclock here, but putting a modest overclock on everything while only running one 360mm radiator with 3 fans and being able to keep temperatures well below anything dangerous is proof enough for me of the good air flow path of this case.

 The In Win 303 case, white and black models both, are or will soon be available through your usual vendors, and I feel this case is a great value for the money. Price as of this writing: NewEgg - $89.99

Highly Recommended


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