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Posted by Damon Bailey on Monday, March 20, 2017 - 8:00am

System Build & Configuration


System Build

CPU Intel Core i7-6700k
Motherboard Asus Rog Maximus Viii Impact
GPU Nvidia GTX Titan X (Pascal)
Case Riotoro CR280
Power Supply Riotoro Onyx 650W
CPU Cooler Riotoro Bifrost 120
SSD Corsair Force GT 240GB x2
HDD Western Digital Black 2TB

Riotoro CR280 Mini-ITX Chassis

Dry Fitting the parts, we discover that the rear socket cutout is off just a bit for this particular motherboard, so we had to install the cooler to the board outside of the case.

Riotoro CR280 Mini-ITX Chassis

To leave room for the GPU, we took the factory installed front 120mm fan off, and installed the Riotoro Bifrost 120 cooler in its place, and mounted the motherboard. The Factory 120mm fan was then reinstalled below the Bifrost cooler. The dual 2.5” SSD’s were then slid behind the cooler and secured from the rear side.

Riotoro CR280 Mini-ITX Chassis

We moved the factory installed fan down to the lower spot to make room for the Bifrost 120 cooler, but the Riotoro CR280 case also supports a 240mm radiator in the front.

Riotoro CR280 Mini-ITX Chassis

With the core of the system in place, we then installed the GPU and PSU and ran the wiring. The Nvidia GTX Titan-X is a large GPU, but there was about 1cm of clearance from it to the lower 120mm fan in the front. There is plenty of room for even the largest PSU below the graphics card. After the PSU was in place, we ran the PSU cables.

Riotoro CR280 Mini-ITX Chassis

An ITX case can be challenging to find somewhere to hide all of the extra cables. There is a large than normal space behind the motherboard tray to hide cables, and lots of spots to secure them. The motherboard tray itself has four zip tie rings stamped into the steel for convenience. This is using nearly every cable the PSU comes with as the SSD’s and HDD are far apart enough to need a cable to each, as well as a molex cable for a fan splitter since the ASUS Maximus Viii Impact board didn’t have enough fan headers for the pump and 4 fans installed in this system.


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