SilverStone Redline Series RL05 Chassis Review: Page 4 of 6

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Posted by Michael Pabia on Tuesday, January 10, 2017 - 9:00am

Closer Look at Interior

The SilverStone Redline Series RL05 case has a built-in power supply shroud at the bottom which is riveted into the chassis. You can also see the two pre-installed 140mm LED fans in front of the case which offers great cooling for the hardware inside even without you adding more fans. There’s also one 5.25-inch ODD bay which is great for builders that would be using an optical disk or some other device to be mounted on it.

On an angled view, you can notice the huge motherboard cutout hole which makes it easy to install and remove back plates of CPU cooling solutions.

At the bottom of the aluminum shroud are 2.5-inch drive mounting holes and screw holes for what I believe are for custom water cooling hardware like pumps and reservoirs.

At the rear of the RL05 are two hidden 2.5-inch drive mounts and at the bottom are two 3.5-inch drive mounts and of course the power supply bay.

At the narrowest portion of the rear, there’s around an inch of space for routing cables including the space for the 2.5-inch drives to be mounted on the hidden mounting spots.

For the power supply bay, getting a PSU shorter than 20 cm would be ideal. Anything longer would be tough even though the specifications say it can be as long as 22 cm. It would be hard to route cables by then particularly non-modular PSUs with stiff cables.

SilverStone does pack a set of screws and user’s manual with the RL05 which does give you the length and size limitations on the front of the manual which I highly recommend that you read before grabbing other hardware in your build.


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