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Posted by Michael Pabia on Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 3:00pm

Closer Look – Interior

We strip all the side panels and front panel to see what’s inside.

The interior of the RL06 is quite similar with the RL05 but this has a sleeker design. There’s a spacious front that offers space for AIO or custom liquid cooling hardware. The PSU shroud also gives it a clean look as it hides the cables underneath it.

The rear of the RL06 really offers a lot of options. Unlike the RL05, the RL06 comes with a fan hub with 10 fan headers with three populated with the three 120mm Red LED fans pre-installed in the front. The RL06 comes with four pre-installed fans which is quite lavish already, its actually enough for any kind of built including a high-performance gaming PC with custom liquid cooling.

The PSU bay has adequate space for a typical ATX PSU, I was able to mount a be quiet! Dark Power Pro 850W PSU here to be seen later. There are three 3.5-inch drive bays at the front end of the bottom which receives fresh cooling from the bottom pre-installed fan.

Here’s a look at the fan hub with its 10 output headers, 3 populated for the 3 120mm front fans.

There’s are two 2.5-inch drive bay slots at the back of the chassis for SSDs which is designed better than the RL05. This was easier to use with a much better cable management route.

Behind the front panel is a mounting area for fans, radiators and liquid cooling hardware.

The SilverStone RL06 also gets a nice branding on the PSU shroud, similar to the PM01 chassis.

The top portion of the PSU shroud has routing holes which are ideal for routing the PCIe power cable on your graphics card and for the USB headers and Audio Port headers for the front panel I/O.


Lastly, here are the four pre-installed fans of the SilverStone RL06; three Red LED 120mm fans at the front and a 120mm fan at the rear as exhaust.


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