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Posted by Michael Pabia on Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 3:00pm

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

The SilverStone RL06 chassis is a great enthusiast desktop chassis. It offers a little bit of everything that you would find in most premium cases such as the fan hub, aluminum power supply shroud, four pre-installed cooling fans and support for liquid cooling hardware.

Build of the RL06 is exceptional. I find the structure sturdy and aesthetics quite appealing. The included fan grill on top of the chassis needs a revision in my opinion as it rather takes away the good looks of the case somehow. If SilverStone could have included two FF143 fan filters, it would have been perfect but I assume this was to lower the pricing of the chassis.

Perhaps the most selling part of the chassis is the angular design in front that gives it an ‘enthusiast’ feel that doesn’t look ordinary. A huge bonus for me would be the included four pre-installed 120mm fans because with these, you don’t really need to buy more cooling fans to achieve good ventilation unless you plan to purchase some to simply change its appearance or if you don’t like red LEDs. Either way, I find the SilverStone RL06 a complete enthusiast case that’s under $100 which is great.

You can find the SilverStone RL06 in two variants; black/red and white/blue with an MSRP of $74.99.


  • Included four pre-installed fans
  • Angular design
  • Improved PSU shroud
  • Efficient cooling for different build setups


  • Could have bundled better fan filters for top panel

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