Streacom FC9 Alpha Fanless Chassis Review: Page 3 of 7

Posted by Paul Malfy on Friday, July 29, 2016 - 8:00am


The Front and back view of the outer sleeve of the FC9 Alpha are the same

The manual is what you first see when the box is first opened

Once removed, the manual reveals the hardware that comes with the FC9 Alpha

Under the hardware, the actual chassis is packed in soft foam and a protective cloth bag to prevent scratching

The FC9 Alpha in the cloth bag

The FC9 Alpha removed from the package


The FC9 Alpha comes packed in a brown box with a convenient carrying handle covered by an attractive black sleeve sporting the Streacom logo and the FC9 Alpha branding. When first opened, you see the FC9 Alpha manual attached to a foam tray with a plastic band.  This foam tray holds the heat pipes, mounting bracket for both AMD and Intel, mounting hardware to mount the heat pipes, CPU block, 2 tubes of thermal paste, a small allen wrench, and about 12 bags of screws and other mounting hardware. This tray sits in the middle of the top piece of soft protective foam. Once removed, you see the chassis in a white cloth bag, seated inside a second piece of soft protective foam. All in all, the FC9 Alpha is packed very well and arrived to me completely undamaged.

The manual and the included hardware

All the hardware that comes packed with the FC9 Alpha


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