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Posted by ProClockers Hardware Reviews on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - 8:00am

Closer Look – Interior

Xigmatek Prospect

Here’s the interior of the Prospect case. Remember that this case is just 370mm tall and 370mm in length, has to be one of the most compact ATX cases with tempered glass panels available today. This case has a lot of length and width restrictions which will be explained in detail as we go along this review.

It might not be mentioned on the product page but using a PSU longer than 150mm could pose some issues particularly if it’s not modular with all the cables attached. Hence, we will push the limitations of this case beyond its specifications and build the highest-end build we can.

Xigmatek Prospect

Notice also on the top panel, while there’s space for a 240mm radiator, installing fans along with the radiator could pose issues with the upper-front drive bays unless removed. Fortunately, a slim-type 240mm radiator or those of typical AIOs can fit in easily without any fans installed.

Xigmatek Prospect

At the rear, while there are cable management options with the availability of routing holes, there’s barely room for routing thick cables at the rear given that there’s only around 1.5cm of space available. You can route SATA cables or the 8-pin ATX cable there but the 24-pin cable might not fit in there unless it’s the individually sleeved type of cable which you can flatten.


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