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Posted by Mark Taliaferro on Thursday, November 30, 2017 - 8:00am

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

We put the Cryorig A40 Ultimate Hybrid Liquid Cooling AIO through its paces and frankly it well outperformed our expectations by a level or two. Packed into one 37.5mm radiator, two 120mm Fans capable of 83CFM and a small 70mm wind puffer Cryorig hid a little cooling magic. The Cryorig A40 Ultimate Hybrid Liquid Cooling setup matched performance with a 360mm cooling system in a compact 240mm footprint AIO cooler. It's not often that you see that kind of performance in that sized package.

Wiring and installing were a snap and took under 10 minutes in a chassis we didn't have to remove the motherboard on (The Cooler Master MasterBox Pro 5). At first, the setup looked a little strange but when the performance numbers started coming in we wouldn't have cared if it looked like a stack ob bananas on a CPU the performance was there, the look is there and if they come out with an RGB model we'll be so on top it that it's be covered like a head with a hat on. 

Cryorig A40 Hybrid

Since it's inception in 2014 Cryorig has distinguished itself and clawed its way to top end cooling hardware and the Cryorig A40 Ultimate Hybrid Liquid Cooling AIO proves proper engineering produces excellent results. The Cryorig A40 Ultimate Hybrid Liquid Cooling tamed the 7700K along with it's heat bug and taught the bug to sit up and beg after conquering it.


Proclockers Elite Hardware Award

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