EK Supremacy MX CPU Waterblock Review

Posted by Heath Coop on Friday, March 13, 2015 - 7:50am


EK Supremacy MX


Slovenia based EK Water Blocks is certainly one of the best known names in computer water cooling. Some of the most well-known custom builds feature EK products.  While EK does regularly release new products, these are almost usually an expansion to a current line of video card and motherboard water blocks. While there are many an enthusiastic that eagerly awaits EK to release a new water block for one of these products, nothing gets them more excited than a new CPU water block. That brings us to where we are today, the EK Supremacy MX.

EK has designed the Supremacy MX as a reduced cost variant of their Supremacy EVO flagship performance water block, which was introduced in 2014. The EK Supremacy EVO is the basis for the design of the EK Supreme MX and is designed to yield very similar performance. In order to reduce the cost, EK has chosen to make some changes to the design. The original machined acrylic or acetyl top has been replaced with a cast equivalent, only one insert, jet plate combination is included, only a mounting mechanism for a specific socket is included, and the cold plate is only available in copper.

All of that adds up to a block that is around 25% less expensive. Even with the change in design, all Supremacy EVO accessories fit the new Supremacy MX. Mounts, inserts, jet plates, bases, and even top are interchangeable. At any time a user can purchase the parts to upgrade to the Supremacy EVO.

EKWB’s take on the Supremacy MX

EK-Supremacy MX is a reduced cost CPU water block that fits all modern Intel® LGA-115x and LGA-2011(-3) socket motherboards and comes with pre-assembled, error-preventing mounting mechanism. The result is a perfect installation which results in optimal performance every time.

EK-Supremacy MX brings exceptional value for the money by providing the best in-class cooling performance.  Built upon the same cooling engine as EK-Supremacy EVO it offer the same great hydraulic performance and almost identical thermal performance. The key features are:

  • ultra-high thermal performance -  only slightly simplified copper base allows EK-Supremacy MX to achieve almost the same cooling potential as EK-Supremacy EVO.
  • very high-flow design - low hydraulic restriction allows this product to be used in setups using weaker water pumps.
  • pre-assembled mounting mechanism - blazing fast installation, especially on Intel® LGA-2011(-3) platform.

The EK-Supremacy MX uses the same cooling engine as the EVO variant. The cooling liquid accelerates through jet plate's nozzle and turbulently continues its path through numerous very thin channels, which provide extreme heat dissipating surface area. Specifically designed and carefully machined copper base (sometimes referred to as ‘cold plate’) is made from purest copper available on the market and is further polished to absolute mirror finish. This alone greatly improves the cooling performance of EK-Supremacy MX.

The top and the insert are made from injection molded transparent MABS polymer while the cover is made from black anodized brushed aluminum. Translucent top variants have two slots for easy installation of 3mm LED diodes.

Mounting mechanism comes pre-assembled to the CPU water blocks and is secured with a circlip to hold it in place. Such design allows for a blazing fast installation, especially on Intel® LGA-2011(-3) platforms!

CPU socket compatibility:

  • Intel LGA-1150/1155/1156
  • Intel LGA-2011(-3)


  • EK-Supremacy MX series water block with pre-installed mounting mechanism
  • EK-Supremacy MX Backplate (for Intel LGA-115x platforms)
  • TIM / thermal grease: EK-TIM Ectotherm (1g)
  • Torx key T20

Due to commonality of parts, the EK-Supremacy MX offers the potential for an upgrade to full EVO standard:

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