EK Water Blocks EK-Velocity CPU Water Block Review

Posted by Damon Bailey on Thursday, October 18, 2018 - 12:00pm


EK Water Blocks EK-Velocity CPU Water Block

Its been about six years since EK launched their very successful line up of Supremacy water blocks. However, as processors evolve to include more cores and higher TDPs, as too must water blocks. This has led to EK’s new Velocity line up of high-performance CPU water blocks with the 5th iteration of their EK cooling engine. Part of the new Quantum lineup of cooling products, the EK-Velocity block is the CPU oriented piece of a new complete picture with the philosophy that everything in the liquid cooling loop is interconnected.
Velocity is a completely new design both inside and out. There is a new reinforced mounting bracket, which will introduce smaller mounting screws. Like most hardware you can buy in 2018, the EK-Velocity does have an RGB version. The RGB version comes with 24 LEDs which are evenly spaced around the outer edge of the block housing. The RGB blocks will be labeled so and are compatible with all of the more popular RGB lighting software such as ASUS Aura Sync and RGB Fusion just to name a couple.


ProClockers would like to thank EK Water Blocks for sending over the new Vector lineup to test out!

EKWB’s take on the Velocity CPU Water Block:

EK-Velocity is the new high-performance flagship premium quality CPU water block for modern Intel processors. It features a fresh design that will enable a vast number of variations and options for enthusiasts and demanding users as well!

EK® Velocity series CPU water blocks embed the 5th generation of the award-winning EK® CPU water block cooling  engine, further tweaked for performance and optimal coolant flow! Low hydraulic flow restriction enables this product to be used in setups using weaker water pumps or lower pump speeds for added silent operation, while still achieving top performance! The water block also comes with the most sophisticated RGB lightning implementation on the market to this day. A total of 24 LEDs are housed under the aesthetic shroud which connects to a standard 4-pin 12V RGB header.

EK Water Blocks EK-Velocity CPU Water Block

EK-Velocity has a beautiful new design. The top piece comes is a variety of materials from full nickel, to black POM, or Polyoxymethylene, also, known as Acetal. There is also an acrylic version that is see through. The cold plate is pure copper with nickel plating. The detail piece is interchangeable. It has a new notched design that also helps to diffuse light on the RGB version of the block. One note worth difference between the Supremacy and Velocity is the placement of the ports. When compared to the Supremacy, the hand port has been moved slightly to the right. The Velocity series features a universal mounting solution that offers tool-less installation. The Velocity series supports all modern sockets including all LGA 15XX and 20XX sockets as well as AMD's AM4 socket. The EK-Velocity series are up for pre-order on the EK Webshop now and come in 14 different versions. These blocks range in price from $69.90 USD to $99.90 USD. Pre-Orders will begin to ship on October 1, 2018.