Lepa EXllusion 240 Liquid Cooler Review

Posted by Paul Malfy on Tuesday, January 5, 2016 - 8:00am


In a market flooded with all in one cpu coolers, it can be over whelming trying to decide what one is right for your system.  There are so many factors in take into consideration.  What brand, length, width, fin density, pump rpm and noise are just some of the factors one must think of when making a decision.  Do you go with an all in one cooler, or go all out with a custom loop? Although a custom loop offers the best performance, putting one together can be intimidating. For this reason, many people steer clear of building custom loops. Is it possible to get the performance of a custom loop, from an all in one? With their 400 watt TDP, EXllusion 240, Lepa may say so. But are all these expandable aio coolers just a fad, or a great way for someone to get into the DYI cooling market?

LEPA’s Take on the EXllusion 240

Their slogan for the EXllusion 240 is “Break your own OC record with 400 watt TDP.”  The 400 watt TPD ensures cpu stability under intense and prolonged overclocking. The 240mm radiator enhances heat exchange capacity and cooling performance. The large copper base with their patented “Dual-CDP (central diffusing passage) micro-fin structure accelerates heat absorption and helps to eliminate CPU hot spot efficiently. The ceramic bearing features anti-corrosive, durable, and silent operation.The Dual Convex Blades Fans design boosts downforce air pressure and creates high-volume airflow. Refillable design allows you to add to, and or coolant. 500ml coolant included for future usage which you can customize the color of with the 3 different R.G.B. dyes. The universal metal mounting kit, supports the latest Intel® and AMD® desktop sockets with easy and solid installation.

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