Noctua NA-SAV3 and NA-SAV4 Anti-Vibration Mounts Review: Page 2 of 4

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Posted by ProClockers Hardware Reviews on Thursday, August 3, 2017 - 8:00am

Unboxing and Closer Look – NA-SAV3

The Noctua NA-SAV3 anti-vibration mounts come in a box packaging.

Inside, you’ll find a user manual along with wit 16 pieces of the NA-SAV3 anti-vibration mounts which is good for four standard cooling fans.

The SAV-3 is ideal for fan mounts that’s hard to reach or nearly impossible to screw down through the rear. The single-pawl end of the SAV-3 will easily mount any fan from the front, securing it is easier than trying to get a screw behind the fan which at times would require you to remove installed hardware inside.


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