Noctua NA-SAV3 and NA-SAV4 Anti-Vibration Mounts Review: Page 3 of 4

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Posted by ProClockers Hardware Reviews on Thursday, August 3, 2017 - 8:00am

Unboxing and Closer Look – NA-SAV4

The Noctua NA-SAV4 anti-vibration mounts also come in a similar box packaging.

Noctua NA-SAV4

It also comes with 16 pieces of the NA-SAV4 anti-vibration mounts and the user manual.

Noctua NA-SAV4

Unlike the SAV3, the SAV4’s end makes it ideal for standard and open corner fan mounts. It is perfect for flat case panels particularly if you want to avoid using screws where it could damage the finish of the panel.


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