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Posted by ProClockers Hardware Reviews on Thursday, August 3, 2017 - 8:00am

Installation, Benefits and Conclusion


Installing the NA-SAV3 and NA-SAV4 is pretty simple and won’t require tools like a screwdriver.

NA-SAV3 Installation

Using the SAV-3, you first need to mount it on the fan then mount it on the fan mounting hole. To secure the fan, simply pull the other end of the SAV-3 to lock it into place.

NA-SAV4 Installation

Using the SAV-4 on the other hand, you first need to mount it on the case through the rear. Then install the fan and pull the front end of the SAV-4 to lock the fan into place.

Removing Excess

To remove the excess rubber, simply cut the anti-vibration mount’s excess which is optional.



Anti-vibration is obviously the major benefit in using the SAV-3 and SAV-4.

Protects Case Finish and Preserves Fan Mounting Holes

Unlike screw which can damage the surface or finish of your chassis’ panels, the anti-vibration mounts are made of rubber and will avoid damaging your chassis’ finish. Also, it preserves the screw mounting holes on your fans. The screw holes tend to get larger after several installation-uninstallation process but with these rubber anti-vibration mounts, the holes will remain like new.


You can reuse the SAV-3 and SAV-4. Uninstallation is as simply as pulling the fan or mounts gently to remove from the fan mounts. Be careful though, you can also break the rubber mounts when applied with too much force.

Easier Installation

The SAV-3 and SAV-4 fan mounts make fan installation easier in certain scenarios where it’s tedious to use a screw that might require you to remove hardware installed inside the chassis like a radiator installed behind the front panel. In such cases, using the SAV-3 could be the easier option.


The Noctua NA-SAV3 and NA-SAV4 anti-vibration mounts is more than just addressing vibration issues in using high-RPM cooling fans or thin aluminum case panels, it also protects the finish or surface of your case when using screws. The anti-vibration mounts also make it possible to install cooling fans with ease. Given the option, I would prefer using anti-vibration mounts from Noctua than the conventional screws used in mounting cooling fans.

You can find the NA-SAV3 for $7.95 at Newegg and Amazon, the NA-SAV4 also goes for $7.95 at Newegg and Amazon. Significantly an investment compared to the free screws included in most aftermarket cooling fans but it could be a good investment if you highly consider the benefits mentioned above.

Noctua NA-SAV3

Noctua NA-SAV4

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