Scythe Kaze Master Flat II Fan Controller Review

Posted by Heath Coop on Monday, October 20, 2014 - 8:08am

Scythe Kaze Master Flat II


Scythe has been a very popular name in computer cooling products for quite a few years. Unfortunately, they went missing from the US market for a bit. A person could purchase their products from an overseas retailer, but finding Scythe products in the US became increasingly rare. Scythe has now returned though and are bringing many exciting new products with them.

One of those products is the Kaze Master Flat II fan controller. This 5.25 bay device can controller up to 4 channels of fans, with RPM monitoring. It also has 4 channels of temperature monitoring. This is all packaged up in a design with a flat screen.

Scythe's take on the Kaze Master Flat II

The new Kaze Master Flat II fan controller unit inherits the "flat" front from its' predecessor - clear of obstructing knobs or buttons - but passing on on the hinged display cover for even easier access. Controls are kept to be simple, while the display - which can be switched off - has been changed from LCD to an even clearer VFD. Voltage regulation of each channel has seen its revision and updated to handle higher performance output - capability per channel is now 3A (36 watt) - outperforming the predecessor by three times. This clearly broadens operation possibilities of the fan controller as more than one high-performing fan can be controlled over a single channel. Various safety and alarm features also have not been forgotten when designing the new Kaze Master Flat II.

Improved Voltage Regulation

At the core of the improvements lies the enhanced voltage regulation for each channel - every single one can be loaded with a max 3A. High performance fans or a number of fans can be regulated by a single channel respectively.


The high-contrast VFD-Display, which can be switched off completely, indicates the temperature and rpms well, and is also clearly readable in bright surroundings.

Flat Design

With absolutely no components "sticking out" of the front, the design of the new Kaze Master Flat II seamlessly integrates - making compatibility issues with "front-door" cases a matter of the past.

Alarm Function

The unit comes with an acoustic and optical warning function in cases of fan failure or overheating - with the user being able to set the desired warning range between 50°C and 90°C in 1 degree increment. With the push button, the alarm sound is temporarily switched off, or alternatively switched off permanently by applying the jumper switch.

Spin Up Voltage

The adjustable voltage range is between 3.7 to 12 volts. But as fans tend to have problems to "get going" in the lower ranges, this function ensures a 12 volt supply right from the start before settling down to the user`s set, desired voltage.

Power Feed Control

In case the Kaze Master Flat II detects no fan movement for 10 seconds, for safety reasons the power supply to the fan in question will be cut automatically. In this way, the risk of damage to the fan or the fan controller is kept to the minimum. Power supply is easily reset afterwards.


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