Silverstone Heligon Series HE01 CPU Cooler Review

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Posted by on Tuesday, April 23, 2013 - 6:09pm

Now that we have lain out what it takes to be a top air-cooler in this business, the next step is putting it all together. We see these characteristics in the new HE01, well on paper anyways. But like everything that comes through the Pro-Clocker lab, we have to put it on the bench to really see if it measures up and in order to see where this cooler stack up against the best ones we have ever tested. So, we will be testing it against the closed loop water-cooling units we have tested just recently.

Silverstone Heligon Series HE01 CPU Cooler Review


We have featured a few of the coolers made by Silverstone in the past. They have been top-notch when it comes to quality and build. But of the few we have tested, we have not been able to get a hold of one that is supposed to be a top performer regardless of the class. That is about to change with the new Heligon series of air-coolers.

The Heligon series currently consist of just two coolers, HE01 which we are reviewing here to today and the HE02. We all know that in order to be put into the top tier of coolers, it has to have twin towers and the HE01 has that. Also, in order to be classified as a premium cooler it has to include a performance fan and the HE01 has that also. Lastly, in order to be a best-selling cooler, it has to build with quality parts using the best technology and we all know Silverstone has that.

Now that we have lain out what it takes to be a top air-cooler in this business, the next step is putting it all together. We see these characteristics in the new HE01, well on paper anyways. But like everything that comes through the Pro-Clocker lab, we have to put it on the bench to really see if it measures up and in order to see where this cooler stack up against the best ones we have ever tested. So, we will be testing it against the closed loop water-cooling units we have tested just recently.

Silverstone’s take on the HE01

The all new Heligon HE01 CPU cooler is designed for both performance and quietness. The wide aluminum fin spacing are specially designed to minimize noise when air travel through its heatsink. The included 140mm fan offer exceptional cooling power, this low noise fan is also adjustable allowing you to decide the right amount of airflow for your CPU. With the include fan clips, up to three 140mm fans can be installed to enable HE01 to obtain cooling performance that rival the best air coolers on the market.

The Heligon HE01 is capable of safely cooling high-end CPUs such as the Intel Core i7 3960X. It has the ability to cool CPUs up to 300W. For those looking to obtain the highest cooling performance at the lowest noise possible, the SilverStone Heligon HE01 is an unbeatable solution.


Model No.



Nickel-coated copper base, heat pipes with aluminum fins


Intel Socket LGA775/1155/1156/1366/2011
AMD Socket AM2/AM3/FM1/FM2

Heat Pipe Type

Ø6mm-6pcs heat-pipe

Cooling System

140 x 140 x 38mm fan


18~41 dBA


Dual Ball Bearing

Net Weight

926g(w/o Fan)

Voltage Rating (V)


Start Voltage (V)


Air Flow (CFM)


Speed (R.P.M.)

Low : 500~1200RPM with PWM
High : 500~2000RPM with PWM

Life Expectance (hrs)

80,000 hrs


140 (W) x 119(D) x 160(H) mm (w/o Fan)


Superior silence and performance
Six soldered heat-pipe, copper base and aluminum fins ensuring the best thermal conducting efficiency.
Designed for standard chassis at 164mm tall
Include adjustable 140mm fan for excellent cooling and low noise
For use with CPUs up to 300W
Intel Socket LGA775/1155/1156/1366/2011 and AMD Socket AM2/AM3/FM1/FM2 compatible

Closer look

Like what you read at the introduction, we will be comparing the HE01 against the all-in-one water-cooling systems we have been testing all year long. The reason being is that it was suggested to us and also we have not tested any big coolers this year so far. At the same time, this cooler will be the new staple for all the air-cooling tests we will perform for the rest of the year in our lab.

Let's get all the preliminaries out of the way. The HE01 is one big cooler so that means that if you are not working with a mid tower or larger, the chances of you benefiting from this new cooler is slim. The HE01 stands about 6.3" or so tall and measures 5.5" width and it weighs in at 926 grams without a fan attached. The HE01 is no lightweight but it is nowhere near the heaviest cooler we have ever tested.

The HE01 is made of two aluminum finned towers with one being about twice as wide as the other. Because of this design, the cooler has many ways which it can be mounted giving the builder several installation options. The design of the twin towers is simple and graceful. The only place where the design doesn’t flow is on the sides where the fan wires would be attached.

Turning the cooler on one side we see there isn't too much branding going on, just the Silverstone name and logo. You can also see where the heat pipes start and end. Silverstone did a good job of capping them off to maintain the sleek looks of the cooler.

The heat pipes are long and sturdy as they have to be in order to support the weight of the numerous fins. Each heat pipes measures 6mm in diameter and made of copper wrapped in nickel plating. One would begin to wonder if there would be better performance if the heat pipes where 8mm instead. Hmmmm. What we do know is it would obviously add to the weight of the cooler overall.

The base of the cooler has received the same treatment as the pipes being made of copper and treated with nickel. From the image below, we see evidence of machining with the horizontal lines stretching from left to right.

Below is just a small sample of the accessories that come with the cooler. Hence, be assured that it comes with everything you need to mount the cooler on all current AMD and Intel motherboards including the latest 2011 and FM2 sockets. Also, the mounting compatibility goes back as far as the 775 and AM2 sockets.

The last part of the cooler we need to discuss is the fan and what a big fan it is. The HE01 comes with a blower that is 140x140x38 in dimension making it much thicker than most 140mm fans out there. The larger overall size often allows for quieter cooling while thicker fans allow for wider blades to pull a larger amount of air. In this case the fan operates at 500-2000 RPM at a maximum of 41 dBA. Air flow is measured at 43 to 171 CFM.

There is a little detail on the fan that one can easily overlook. On top of the fan is a very small toggle switch that will allow you to select between quiet (Q) and performance (P) modes. The quiet mode narrows the rotation of the fan to 500-1200 RPM while the performance mode ups the ante to 500-2000 RPM.

Mounting Images

One would be happy to know that installing the HE01 isn't much of a problem as many would think in terms of considering performance ram kits in the build. The heat pipes starting from the base to where they enter the bottom fin is pretty lengthy. This allows the builder to use most performance ram kits on the market. We had no issues with our Kingston HyperX modules.

We used our usual test bench that consists of a socket 2011 motherboard. If you are going to use another socket like 1155, the worry of memory clearance is still eliminated from the situation because all you have to do is mount the cooler with the thinner fin tower closest to the DIMM slots.

Testing Methodology

For our testing we will be using the following procedures and parameters to acquire the necessary data:

  1. Thermal compound used is Arctic Silver 5
  2. Idle temperatures are recorded after the system has been allowed to idle for thirty minutes from the point Windows has finished loading.
  3. Load temperatures are recorded by running OCCT for twenty minutes on all available threads.
  4. Real Temp is used for the recording of all temperature sensor reading.
  5. PWM function is disabled via BIOS to allow the fans to run at full speed.
  6. CPU model and overclock speed used for testing are outlined below in "Test Hardware".
  7. Each cooler is first tested with one fan supplied from the manufacturer.
  8. Each cooler is then tested again with a second fan attached if provided by the manufacturer.

Test Hardware:

1. ASUS X79 Deluxe Motherboard
2. Intel Core i7 3930K Processor
3. Kingston HyperX 1866 DDR3 16GB
4. Kingston V+ 200 120GB Solid State Drive
5. ASUS BC12B1LT BD-Rom Drive
6. Thermaltake Frio Extreme CPU Cooler
7. MicrocoolBanchetto 101 Open Air Test Bench
8. Silverstone Strider Gold Evolution 850W Power Supply
9. ASUS Nvidia GTX 560Ti 448 Graphic Card

Cooling Results

Sound Notes

The noise level of the HE01 is something you would need to get used too if you decide to go with it. At the lowest of fan rotation the noise is easy to live with. Yes, it can be heard but it blends with the rest of the fans in the rig. Using either the Q or P mode at full load the fan can be heard over all others in the system ….. easily. But staying with the Quiet did offer a nice performance-to-noise ratio that we could deal with. In P mode, there is a good chance that your better half will be telling you to turn the PC off.


If you are looking for a very good and I do mean very good air-cooler for your CPU then look no further than the Silverstone HE01. This cooler is in a class only accompanied by a few. Look no further than the charts under the result tab and you will see what we mean. This cooler dominates many of the closed-loop coolers on the market, so imagine what it does to other air-coolers.

We currently mount all coolers to a socket 2011 motherboard and in many cases the mounting process is straightforward. This doesn't change when it comes to the HE01. It takes longer to ensure everything is secured compared to the actual mounting process of the cooler. Assembling the cooler to mount on other sockets adds a few more steps to the procedure but it is painless and takes very little experience to accomplish.

Forcing the fan to run at its lowest rotation yielded pretty good cooling numbers at a noise level that everybody could live with. Leaving the cooler in PWM and hitting a heavy load will greatly increase the noise level where you will have to determine yourself if it is tolerable. In my case while gaming, I had no problems with the noise mainly because it was drowning out by the game. This could also be the case for P mode as well.

At a going price of $75 on Newegg, the HE01 is about the same price as the Noctua D14 and much cheaper than the Thermaltake Frio Extreme sold at $100 which are two other coolers in the same class of the HE01.

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