Thermaltake DuOrb Dual Fan CPU Cooler

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overviewBasically, they took two cooler units and fuzed them together. Not only does it cool the processor, but also surrounding  components like memory and chipsets. We know that Thermaltake makes some great coolers, but how does this new one stack up against units like the Ultra-120 and Scythe Ziphang?



Intel and AMD are both releasing smaller die processors that require less voltage to operate. With the decreased voltage comes less power comsumption, an obvious advantage. Both of these features mean that larger coolers are not needed. So why are today’s coolers getting bigger? In the past few months we have seen coolers that weigh in at a full 1000 grams before the installation of a fan. Today’s product doesn’t weigh quite 1000 grams, but even at 600 grams it’s no lightweight.

In today’s world of computer tweaking and overclocking, it is important to cool your ram in addition to the processor. The DuOrb from Thermaltake is capable of doing both. The DuOrb CPU cooler is based on the same design as the GPU cooler.

Basically, they took two cooler units and fuzed them together. Not only does it cool the processor, but also surrounding  components like memory and chipsets. We know that Thermaltake makes some great coolers, but how does this new one stack up against units like the Ultra-120 and Scythe Ziphang?

Thermaltake’s take on the DuOrb

In the first sight of DuOrb CPU cooler, your eyes will be caught by this unique design and dual-color LED lights, red and blue. The patented design features two separate fin configurations bringing an unprecedented visual aspect. DuOrb CPU cooler is extended DuOrb design concept after DuOrb for VGA cooler, and both of them are getting lots of favorable reviews.


Packaging and content

The box the cooler comes is about the size of a box that a young kid’s sneakers would come in.  The black and red theme is common amongst Thermaltake products.

Besides the cooler, in the box are the mounting brackets for Socket 775 Intel processors and Socket 939 and AM for the AMD CPU. A motherboard backplate and generic thermal compund are also included.





(Socket LGA 775)

Core 2 Extreme
Core 2 Quad
Core 2 Duo
Pentium D
Pentium 4
Celeron D

(Socket AM2/AM2+)

Athlon 64 FX
Athlon 64 X2
Athlon 64


202(L) x 106(W) x 86(H) mm

Heatsink Material

Copper/Aluminum Fins

Copper Base


Copper Pipe Ø 6 mm x 6

Fan Dimension

Ø 80 x 20 mm

Rated Voltage


Started Voltage


Power Input

5.04W (2 Fans)

Fan Speed

2000 RPM

Max. Air Flow


Max. Air Pressure

1.27 mmH2O



Life Expectation



3 Pin




Fantastic DuOrb series Design
- Extension of DuOrb Cooler Design, after DuOrb VGA, the DuOrb architecture inspired
CPU cooler with 6 different channels.
- Blue-Red LED Lights Fans, two 80mm fans come equipped with LED lights, one with blue and one with red.
- Unique Silent Fan makes at most 21 dBA at fan speed.

Magic Cooling Performance Structure
- Copper Construction, Copper Heatpipe, Fin, and Base, provides maximum heat conductivity and dissipation performance.
- 6 Distinct Designed Heatpipes* remove heat from source via the channels.
- Double-Sided Radiant Heatpipes Penetrating Fins transmit heat evenly and efficiently.
- Mirror Coating Copper Base develops perfect heat dissipating contact surface between CPU and DuOrb.
*A heatpipe is a heat transfer mechanism that can transport the most heat with less difference in temperature.

Smart Thermal Management
- Dual-Flow Design further utilizes system air flow to cool down surrounding temperatures and dissipates the heat of CPU, RAM, VRM, North Bridge, and the back of VGA card. Red-Light Orb cools RAM area and Blue-Light Orb cools CPU surrounding area.


Closer look

Seeing the DuOrb for the first time, right away you would think its just two CPU coolers welded together. And you are right if you think of it this way. Each half of the cooler is suspended by six heat pipes joined at the base. Before we get anymore into the cooler, lets go over some of the static details of it. The cooler isn’t as heavy as the competitors we are putting it up against for one. Its weighs 598 grams with fans included. Each cylinder is made of copper and aluminum with the outer and inner fins being comprised solely of copper. This allows for better dissipation and heat capacity.

The heat pipes that joins the two halves together meets at the base between the two fans. Each half extends out away from the base, making it easy for the unit to cool surrounding components like memory, chipsets and video cards.

Having dual 80mm fans, one would think that DuOrb is louder than competition that house larger 120mm fans. Well, you would be wrong as the DuOrb fans are rated at an low 21dBA. In addition, each fan has a different color when cooling you CPU, one is red and the other blue, adding a nice visual effect.

Turning th cooler over you can see more of the DuOrb uniqueness. Here we can see more of the heat pipe traveling thru the coppers fins. What draws more attention when looking at the cooler from this angle is the mirror-like finish.



If it hasn’t hit you yet, this cooler is large. Not really heavy, but large nonetheless. And, depending on your mounting intentions, it may interfere with the first slot on the motherboard. In most cases, this would be the 16x PCI-e slot. So if you have another slot available you will have to use that one instead. If not, hopefully you can mount it horizonally without any issues. The motherboard will need to be removed from the case for installation, as is common for most motherboard cooling units.

Depending on your socket type, you will need to install brackets and/or a back plate. In our case only brackets are used.

Once the brackets are mounted all that is needed afterwards is just the mounting of the cooler and tightening it down.



Competition in the testing department was from the likes of the Noctua U12P, Thermalright Ultra-120 and a few other competitors. All of these are high-end coolers, which a class the DuOrb fits well in.


The end results were better than I could have expected, as it did top the Scythe Shuriken but didn’t make it in the same class as the Thermalright and Noctua coolers. However, it did have an advantage the others didn’t  in that the surrounding compponents were being cooled to a higher degree.



The Thermaltake DuOrb is more of a multi-purpose cooler rather than just a CPU cooler. It is completely capable of cooling chipsets, memory and surrounding caps and resistors as well as your processor. And it looks good doing it, which is an obvious plus. Would I recommend the DuOrb to anyone looking for an awesome cooler? How could I not when you have one device that cools so much.

The DuOrb is an attention getter with dual LED fans. However, I am still undecided on its coolness factor. A single color would have made it easier to blend in with other lighting in custom rigs.

As much as we like the cooler, it did have its negatives shortcomings. The primary issue one may have with motherboards with big cooling systems to cool its own components. But in a lot of cases just by turning the cooler ninety degrees may solve any mounting headaches.

The asking price for the DuoRb is higher than most coolers on the market. Granted, it cools more than any cooler on the market, however the price can still be a hindrance. This cooler will set you back at least $65 in order to take advantage of its wonderful features.




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