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Posted by Heath Coop on Friday, May 6, 2016 - 5:44am

AMD FX 8350 with Wraith Cooler

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

The new AMD FX 8350 is far from ground breaking. It does not really need to be either. Its multi-threading prowess would make the Intel Core i3 an easy target and can even take down the more expensive Core i5 in some cases. As the overclocking testing showed, it has quite a bit of potential to be tapped.

The Wraith Cooler is a massive improvement over the previous cooler. It is quite a bit quieter. It also outperforms it. I’ve never been able to overclock much past 4.2 -4.3 GHz with the previous cooler, but the Wraith was still going strong at 4.6 GHz and it looked good doing it too.

The AMD FX-8350 is currently priced at $159.99 at Newegg. The FX 8350 with Wraith Cooler will add another $10 - $20 depending on where you purchase it. I think it is worth the entry price for the upgrade and it is certainly an upgrade.


  • Excellent Multi-threading Performance
  • Very Reasonable Price
  • Strong Overclocking Potential
  • Best OEM Cooler Available


  • Lack Luster Single Threaded Performance

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