Intel Core i5-8400 CPU Review: Page 5 of 6

Posted by Damon Bailey on Thursday, October 5, 2017 - 9:00am

Power Consumption & Overclocking

Intel Core i5-8400

Like its i7 counterpart, the I5-8400 sips a modest 45W from the wall at idle, and only rises to 133 watts under full load. 


Intel Core i5-8400

As this chip is locked, the multiplier can’t be adjusted. Z370 series chipsets do support adjusting the base clock generator, and we were able to add 2.5% to our CPU by adjusting bClck from 100 MHz to 102.5 Mhz. It’s not much, but it did take our stock Cinebench score from 944 to 973.
Power usage was pretty efficient, sipping only about 150 watts from the wall at overclocked full load, and as you can see from Core Temp above, we hit a peak temp of 47C. Watercooling is pretty overkill for this CPU, and the included thermal solution (Intel’s name for a heatsink/fan assembly) would be plenty for this CPU.


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