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Posted by Heath Coop on Saturday, January 7, 2017 - 8:00am

Intel Core i7 7700K Kaby Lake

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

There was some disappointment in the PC community when Kaby Lake was announced. Soon after comparisons to Devils Canyon was the entire buzz on social media. Intel held to their guns though. Were they right in doing so? I think so.

Intel has obviously put some serious work into optimizing their 14 nm process. Intel has replaced the “tick-tock” with a "process-architecture-optimization" model. This is actually better from a desktop perspective and something I’ve been promoting for some time now. Die shrinks seems to work out great for processors with lower clocks. However, the opposite has been mostly true for us desktop users. That is until now.

Kaby Lake isn’t a rehash of Devils Canyon. Kaby Lake is definitely a bit more than that for those who are looking for the ultimate in clock speeds. Overclocking wise, Skylake always reminded me of the glory days of Sandy Bridge. Kaby Lake is, in my opinion, even better than Sandy Bridge. That’s saying a lot.

Now the 200-series chipset does come into play as well. Basically, if a person already owns a 100-series chipset motherboard, they might find it difficult to justify upgrading to a new 200-series motherboard. Obviously, the Core i7 is an upgrade for any socket Pentium, Core i3, or Core i5. The real question is Kaby Lake an upgrade from Skylake? Yes and not quite so clear.

If you were planning on buying a Skylake processor, there’s no real reason not to buy Kaby Lake instead, unless you can get a good deal on a Skylake. One interesting point is that unlike Skylake and previous generations, there is now an unlocked Core i3. That is enough to spike my curiosity.

Intel has priced Kaby Lake right in line with Skylake. The Core i7 7700k is priced for $350 at stores like Amazon, the same as the i7 6700K.  If you were looking for a reason to upgrade from Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge or even Haswell, it’s here.


  • Great Multi-threaded Performance
  • Best In Class Single-threaded Performance
  • Better Power Consumption Than Skylake
  • Very Reasonable Price
  • The Best Overclocking Potential Since Sandy Bridge


  • None

Highly Recommended


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