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Posted by Damon Bailey on Thursday, October 5, 2017 - 9:00am

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Intel Core i7-8700K

It’s hard to know where to start here. Besides the exciting times of finally seeing more than 4 cores on the mainstream desktop platform, all 6 cores come out swinging. Intel’s i7-8700K consistently placed at or very near the top of all of our benchmark runs. Memory performance was especially strong, often outpacing its High-End Desktop class counterparts equipped with quad-channel memory. Intel also stated this would be its fasted gaming CPU ever, and every single gaming test that relied on strong CPU performance showed significant performance gains, again, often 1st place in our testing.

Overclocking potential is there, while the CPU will turbo to 4.7Ghz on a single thread on its own, it did spend most of its time already in the mid 4Ghz range. We managed to hit a fully stable 5.1Ghz across all cores, but keep in mind each and every piece of silicon is different as is each system configuration. Thermals were quite manageable out of the box, with temps around 10C lower on average than out previous generation 7700K. Those readers who were planning on needing to do some warranty-voiding surgery might be able to hold off on that with a high-end air cooler or liquid cooling system. Power consumption was right in line with Intel’s other 6 core offerings under load, but quite a bit more economical at Idle, coming in with less than 50 watts from the wall.

Some users may be a little miffed by the lack of backward compatibility with motherboards, but the changes Intel made were purposeful and seemed to work quite well. We tested several z370 motherboards, and the VRM’s never even got warm, even while overclocked. The improved memory layouts also made for some greatly increased performance across the board. You won’t be able to use 8th generation CPU’s in your existing 100 and 200 series boards, but you wouldn’t want to anyway.

Overall, If you are looking at building a new gaming machine, that is also capable of multi-tasking heavily, this should be your go-to choice right out of the gate. 50% more cores and significant performance gains for only a very small increase in price makes this a tough choice to beat.  Great job Intel!


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