Cooler Master GS750 Headset Stand Review: Page 6 of 7

Posted by James Keir on Tuesday, July 16, 2019 - 8:00am


Cooler Master GS750

For my desk, the two big pain points for me are my wired headset cable and needing to use the USB cable to charge my phone. With the headset wire specifically, it takes up a lot of space with its 1.8m long cable and It’s constantly getting tangled with other things on my desk. With the GS750, these problems with my headset were completely alleviated. I was able to plug the MH751 directly into the base of the GS750 and wrap the slack of the cable around the cable management area behind the stand. Once I was done with the headset, it was easy enough to wrap the remaining wire and place the headset on the stand. This drastically tidied up my desk and even when in use it was nice not having the slack just hanging off the desk.

One of the favorite features of the GS750 is its Qi wireless charging pad. This is personally the first time I have used a Qi wireless pad as I had just upgraded my iPhone 6S to an iPhone 8. I must say I can never go back to charging my phone via USB again. It is beyond convenient just placing my phone on the pad once I get home and I love not having yet another wire laying on my desk.

Not only did the GS750 tidy up some wires, it also gave my desk a little more pop with its built-in RGB in the base. Like other Cooler Master peripherals, it was easy to configure with the Portal software and matched my MM830 and MP750 perfectly. Also, within the Portal software, you can also adjust your audio such as your treble, bass, and volume of your audio/mic. Even though I normally don’t adjust level it’s a nice to know I could if I wanted to.

Personally, I was thoroughly impressed with the GS750 and it will now be a permanent part of my desk setup.

Cooler Master GS750