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Posted by Paul Malfy on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 - 8:00am

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

RapidX Ferrino gaming chair

As I mentioned previously, I’ve never been a fan of the racing style gaming chair. However, the Ferrino by RapidX has given me a different view on this style of chair. The bucket seat design combined with the lumbar pillow, neck pillow and memory foam core come together to make a very comfortable chair. It is comfortable enough to sleep in. I’m able to sit in this chair for hours on end without having to so much as even stretch. Unlike traditional leather, you don’t stick to the polyurethane leather after hours of sitting in the Ferrino. The adjustable armrests are an excellent feature. This is yet another feature that makes this a great choice for anyone, especially since you can pick up the Red on Black Ferrino Gaming Chair by RapidX on Amazon at the time of this review for only $289.00. That’s a 17% discount off the list price of $349.00.  Even the list price is a fair price for such a high quality, comfortable chair that can be adjusted to fit any user. With the combination of comfort, adjustability and the excellent sale price, I’m happy to award the Ferrino by RapidX the Pro Clockers “Highly Recommended” award. The Ferrino is truly the first comfortable gaming chair I’ve personally owned, and it does it cheaper than most of it competition. If you’re in the market for a new chair, do not overlook the rest of the Ferrino line by RapidX.

RapidX Ferrino gaming chair

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RapidX Ferrino gaming chair

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