Thermaltake Level 20 RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Review: Page 5 of 6

Posted by James Keir on Thursday, October 24, 2019 - 8:00am

Software & Testing

Thermaltake Level 20 RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

For testing out the Level 20 RG Gaming Mouse Pad, I paired it with Level 20 RGB Gaming Mouse and started up my favorite FPS CS: GO. After playing a few competitive matches, I was impressed with how effortlessly the mouse glided across the surface and at no point did I have any tracking issues. I also liked how well the rubberized bottom kept the mouse pad in place during my match and was in the exact same place after my gaming session concluded.

Coming from a cloth mouse pad, I did find the hard plastic a little less comfortable. This is probably something that I would need to get used to, rather than it be a negative for the Level 20 Gaming Mouse Pad. Overall, the Level 20 RGB Gaming Mouse Pad performed great and allowed me to play my best during my CS: Go matches.

Now that we have tested the Level 20 RGB Gaming Mouse Pad, let’s see how we can configure its RGB lighting with Thermaltake iTake software. If you don’t already have iTake installed, you can download the TT iTake Engine from

Once you run Thermaltake iTake, it will automatically detect the Level 20 RGB Gaming Mouse Pad and bring you to the lighting configuration tab. On the lighting tab you can select any one of the following presets:

  • Static – Set all keys to a single selected color
  • Pulse – Fades a single color in and out
  • Blink – Blinks all the keys a random or single color
  • Spiral Rainbow – Pattern of colors circling the mouse pad
  • RGB Spectrum – Cycles through various colors
  • Raindrops – Key randomly light up to a configured a single color or a random color
  • Snake – Colors moving around of the mouse pad resembling a snake
  • Music Mode – Have the border react to music/sounds
  • Temp. – The LEDs changes based on the temperature of your PC

Thermaltake Level 20 RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

Once you have selected your RGB preset, you can further configure it by changing its color, speed, and/or brightness.

Thermaltake Level 20 RGB Gaming Mouse Pad