Tt eSPORTS Draconem RGB Touch Edition Mousepad Review: Page 6 of 7

Posted by Mike Holsapple on Tuesday, April 30, 2019 - 8:00am

Fingerprint Scanner & Software

On the top, next to the 3 profile tabs is a button that says fingerprint, upon clicking the fingerprint tab a window pops up and asks for your password to log into the computer. We did not have a windows password on this laptop, but the software promptly suggested that we do so. I was able to add a windows password directly through the Thermaltake Fingerprint Software.  The next screen that I came across was the fingerprint screen. This screen shows 2 hands, and each hand has a clickable finger. It asks what finger you would like to register by clicking on it before clicking continue.

Tt eSPORTS Draconem RGB Touch Edition mousepad

The process in order to get a fingerprint to save is a little bit tricky. It did take me a couple of tries in order to accurately get my fingerprint to register. When you pick a finger to register, it states to press and hold on the reader, however when I did that it wouldn’t register

Tt eSPORTS Draconem RGB Touch Edition mousepad

 I was able to get my finger registered by raising and lowering on the fingerprint reader multiple times. Approximately 5 times of doing that and my fingerprint was registered. After registering a finger, I tried to close the program and was prompted to register a second finger. I registered a second finger and then I reset the computer. When I got to the login screen, I was able to login with my registered fingerprints. Success!

Tt eSPORTS Draconem RGB Touch Edition mousepad

When I had installed the RGB software called Security Center was installed as well. This software is what you will use to save your fingerprints to login to your favorite sites such as social media or email or anything that requires a password. I had to install a Google Chrome Extension before using this software. With that extension, anytime you log in to a website it will ask if you want to save the password with Security Center. This is how you’ll be able to use your fingerprint to log in to your favorite websites. When you save a password, you will see a logo in the My LaunchSite portion of this application. When the logo is in the My LaunchSite, you can use your fingerprint to log in.

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