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Posted by Lance Carter on Wednesday, July 5, 2017 - 8:00am

A Closer Look


The Cooler Master Masterkeys L keyboard has two custom key in place with the Cooler Master Logo.

The back of the keyboard has four heavy rubber feet and two raised kickstands. 

The braided cable is almost 5 foot long. 

The red key caps that are sent extra: Q, W, E, R, A, S, & D. 


Changing out the keys are easy with the puller. Once the PBT key is removed you can see the Cherry MX Green Switches.

Replacing with the red key caps gives the keyboard an excellent look. 

The micro USB plugs in the upper right of the keyboard. 


User Experience  

Master Cooler Masterkeys L PBT is availible with five different Cherry MX Switches: Brown, Red, Blue, Green, & Silver. Testing the green switches and I found it was heavier than I was used to. I enjoyed the textile feel of the keys while typing on this review that you are reading. But found it a little distracting while playing most games. Using the Masterkeys L keyboard Advanced Functions from the manual were simple to understand and follow. With just the Fn key, CTRL, and ether Q, R, or D. I could switch between QWERTY, DVORAK, & Workman layouts. I could control function such as music, macros, & also reset to default.  

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