Cooler Master MasterKeys L PBT- Full Size Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Review: Page 5 of 5

Posted by Lance Carter on Wednesday, July 5, 2017 - 8:00am

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Overall the Cooler Master MasterKeys L PBT keyboard is very durable for general use to gaming (depending upon the Cherry switch you chose). I personally would not chose the green switches for gameplay, but someone working at home that has a heavy hand that tends to break their keys from prolong usage would benefit from the purchase of this setup. But lucky for everyone Cooler Master did not limit anyone to just one type of switch. if your looking for a great quality keyboard here are a few links to MasterKeys L with Brown, Blue, & Red switches on Amazon. Because of it's simplicity and solid features, we are giving the Cooler Master MasterKeys L PBT our Approved Hardware Award.


Approved Award

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